It seems that plans are afoot to establish yet another premier women’s club soccer competition. The likelihood has significantly increased that the world’s leading women’s club teams will participate in a tournament.

For more than ten years, women’s game officials have broached the topic of a world championship. Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, expressed his desire to have one “as soon as possible” as early as 2019.

Then, in December 2022, the FIFA Council approved the inclusion of the Women’s Futsal World Cup and Women’s Club World Cup. Additionally, further adjustments to the game’s schedule won’t made until 2025, he disclosed at the time.

When will Women’s Club World Cup star?

Now, a fresh source states that FIFA are planning to host the first Women’s Club World Cup in 2026. Their UEFA counterparts voiced objections, serving as the main obstacle in this case.

There was concern among European authorities that the tournament’s frequency might have a negative effect on other events. The Athletic reports that FIFA have tentatively scheduled a date for the inaugural edition of the Women’s Club World Cup.

It will mark the next step in developing the competition. The groups involved have also agreed to hold the competition every two years.

At this point in time, the location and date of the Women’s Club World Cup are unknown. This is because of the 2026 Men’s World Cup which will take place in the US, Mexico, and Canada. The teams that will be competing have also remained undisclosed.

Until last year, the Men’s Club World Cup featured one host nation team and one top team from each confederation. But that will all change in 2025 when the tournament structure alters to accommodate 32 teams. Therefore, the women’s tournament format is still up in the air.

The specifics of the Women’s Club World Cup still need some work, but it seems like everyone is on the same page that it will happen. Formal specifics, however, remain limited at this time.

The women’s game will have a new competition in 2026
The women’s game will have a new competition in 2026

The women’s game will have a new competition in 2026

How will Women’s Club World Cup work?

For this new event, FIFA must guarantee that all regions will be well-represented. This may be a stretch for the women’s version, in contrast to the recently enlarged men’s tournament, which will include 32 teams.

Consequently, a 16-team system seems to be the best option moving ahead. Also, all six of soccer’s confederations will be represented: Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North and Central America.

The original intention was to hold this competition annually. However, due to UEFA’s objections, the governing body has decided to implement a plan for biannual Women’s Club World Cups beginning in 2026.

In 2026, FIFA will need to figure out a way to schedule it so it doesn’t conflict with the summertime men’s World Cup in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

That being the case, the only acceptable seasons for a Women’s Club World Cup are winter, spring, or fall. In addition, FIFA would have to work out the details with the local leagues in North America and Europe to have the event included to their schedules.

Photo credit: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire