FIFA president Gianni Infantino has doubled down on claims that soccer will become the top sport in North America.

He previously made similar remarks when the host cities were announced for the 2026 World Cup. The governing body of the sport’s president echoed these sentiments on Friday.

Growth of soccer in North America

When asked about the growth of the sport on the continent, Infantino was confident. “We are optimistic.

We are convinced of the power of football. We are convinced that football will become the number one sport in North America,” Infantino said as he grimaced.

“Or maybe the number two to start with and then with time,” the FIFA boss continued. “But we are convinced of the power of our game and you know, the more revenues we can generate the more we can reinvest in the game mainly, in all those countries with zero revenues who depend on us.”

Along with growth predictions of soccer in the area, Infantino also spoke on possible revenue of the next men’s tournament. FIFA has projected around $11 billion revenue for the 2026 World Cup. This would be a 50% increase from this year’s competition in Qatar.

“We are more than bullish, I think we are convinced of the impact of the game will be massive. It has been massive here, it will be incredible in North America,” proclaimed Infantino.

Revenue growth predictions come down to multiple factors

As the next World Cup will increase from 32 teams to 48, this would obviously help create more money. But the FIFA boss also touched on other areas as well. “More games.

Revenues will go up in terms of broadcasting, in terms of sponsorship, and in terms of ticketing and hospitality,” said Infantino.

“Let’s not forget that we will play in huge stadiums in North America. Stadiums which are normally used for American football. So 70,000 is almost the smallest capacity.”

“We are expecting five million, five-and-a-half million fans traveling specifically for these events. And we are convinced that football will be booming in North America because we’ll start working immediately.”

FIFA will quickly transition their men’s World Cup attention the day after the current tournament ends on Sunday.