Argentina’s World Cup-winning manager Lionel Scaloni has admitted that he may manage a Major League Soccer, or MLS, club. The former defender has been at the helm of the Argentina national team since 2018. His reign with La Albiceleste has been an overwhelming success following the triumph at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Scaloni helped guide the South Americans to their first world title since 1986.

The manager was recently asked directly about a potential move to MLS in the future. “Yes, why not. I would like to,” replied Scaloni. “There would be no inconvenience. I have always liked challenges, challenges are always welcome.”

“There are [MLS] teams that play in a very European way, which makes the league competitive. And there are other teams that still preserve more of the Latin tradition.”

Scaloni is, however, under contract with Argentina until after the 2026 World Cup here in North America. With things going well, a move to the States may not eventually occur until the 2027 MLS campaign. Argentina is currently preparing for the 2024 Copa America, which is hosted by the United States.

Lionel Scaloni has not been afraid to pick MLS players for the national team

Four current MLS players have been picked in the Argentina national team squad by Scaloni within the last five months. Superstar Lionel Messi headlines this group of players. However, other youngsters such as Thiago Almada, Alan Velasco, and Facundo Farias have also earned call-ups as well.

Scaloni went on to praise the North American league’s recent change in focusing on developing young stars. “Well, the truth is that in the last few years, MLS has improved a lot and has started to look at young players with great projection and who have a lot of talent,” continued Scaloni.

“The case of Thiago Almada, (Alan) Velasco and many, many more, I think I see it as a good thing. I see it as a growing league and that the younger talents can contribute to the growth.”

“As we have seen, in the case of Thiago, he was called up with Argentina and became a world champion. I think it’s a competitive league and it’s going to grow, so I don’t see it as an impediment to being in the national team.”

Scaloni says foreign coaches have ‘enriched’ MLS

Along with improving how MLS teams develop youngsters, Scaloni also hailed the league for attracting foreign coaches. “Well, I think the high point has been the foreign coaches and their different vision of playing the game has enriched the league,” proclaimed the Argentina boss.

“I feel that there are teams that play in a very European way and that makes the league competitive and there are other teams that still conserve a little more of the Latin tradition and that makes the League a more exciting and intriguing.”

There are currently 15 foreign managers with MLS clubs heading into the 2024 season. As there are 29 top-flight teams, there are now more foreign head coaches in the division than managers from the United States. This is compared to the league having just five foreign managers of 19 clubs (26%) a decade ago.