As with many other sports today, soccer serves as a unifying force for many contemporary societies. Sports arenas serve as a community’s “cathedrals,” a respite from the stresses of daily life.

The English Football League Championship is the country’s second flight of professional soccer, and its fans and games are legendary for their fervor and intensity. However, the cost of away tickets has been the subject of heated controversy and discussion among fans and teams.

As the new season approaches, supporters’ attention has once again turned to the question of how to keep away game ticket costs low and equitable. It is important for teams and fans to carefully address the issue of pricing for away games in the EFL Championship.

Away fans add more color to stadiums

Away supporters often pay more for tickets than home fans, especially when considering the cost of travel and the time they spend attending games. This is because home fans are frequently eligible for membership and season ticket discounts and other local incentives.

We’ve all attended games when the away end was only half filled, and the mood was dead. This is mostly due to the fact that away supporters are disproportionately responsible for adding color and energy to stadiums.

Away tickets for each English Championship team

The problem of ticket pricing in the EFL has received more attention as positive news has continued to emerge from the Premier League and as other leagues, such as Ligue 1 in France, have instituted price caps. Away fans currently pay some of the highest prices in the world to see games in the Championship.

Even though it seems like the previous season just ended, the EFL has already revealed its schedule for the 2023-24 season. There is a wide range in away ticket prices for adults in the Championship, however below is a ballpark estimate based on data collected from each clubs’ website.

Home teamAway ticket price
Birmingham City$38.3
Blackburn Rovers$32
Bristol City$38.3
Cardiff City$27
Coventry City$44.7
Huddersfield Town$32
Hull City$30.6
Ipswich Town$40.8
Leeds United$38.3
Leicester City$44.7
Norwich City$40
Preston NE$38.2
Rotherham United$34.4
Stoke City$32
Swansea City$40.8
West Bromwich$35.7

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