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Inter Miami CF

/ 23 days ago

Is The Messi Effect over? Inter Miami fans irate about high prices

In the future, when we thumb through The Messi Effect book to read about the summer of 2023, there's no doubt that Lionel Messi's incredible achievements will be center stage. His signing with Inter Miami and winning the Leagues Cup helped generate record ticket sales and shirts sold. On the pitch, his remarkable goals for […]

DC United

/ 76 days ago

DC United fans fuming about 2024 season ticket prices

There is outrage among DC United season ticket holders over the team's decision to raise prices for the 2024 season On Sep. 15, DC United revealed that seats in the 300-level went up in cost. This is the club level of seats. Tickets in the 100 and 200 sections remain unchanged in price. The average […]

How much are away tickets to the English Championship?

As with many other sports today, soccer serves as a unifying force for many contemporary societies. Sports arenas serve as a community's "cathedrals," a respite from the stresses of daily life. The English Football League Championship is the country's second flight of professional soccer, and its fans and games are legendary for their fervor and […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 184 days ago

Premier League clubs unveil season ticket prices for 2023/24

Premier League season ticket prices for the 2023/24 season have been released. So how much will is cost you for a full season of action in the biggest league in the world? Let's dive into the numbers. Season ticket costs vary substantially depending on the club and the location of your seats. Below are the […]