Steven Gerrard spoke up about his one change about his time at Liverpool. In doing so, he took a scathing jab at Brendan Rodgers.

The legendary midfielder was a significant part of the club’s success throughout his 17 years there. He made almost 700 appearances for the Reds until leaving in 2015. During that time, he helped them win the UEFA Champions League and many other championships.

After a brilliant run at Liverpool, Gerrard was heartbroken to leave for MLS club LA Galaxy. The Merseyside team was ready to extend the Englishman’s contract by one year, but he declined the offer.

Brendan Rodgers, manager of Liverpool at the time, informed him that he would see less action in the upcoming season. Jurgen Klopp replaced Rodgers as manager a few months after Steven Gerrard departed the club, and immediately set about improving the team’s fortunes.

Steven Gerrard hits out at Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers

The 43-year-old now wishes he had remained at Liverpool for another season to continue working with Klopp. Gerrard made these remarks in a TikTok video shared by The Anfield Wrap: “I was devastated. I obviously made a decision not to sign a year extension to go to America, whereas if I’d have taken the extension, I might have got six months under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp.

“But obviously being under Brendan’s management at the time, I was told my game time was going to get less and less. I didn’t want to be a sub for Liverpool, I didn’t want to be a squad player.

“I still felt I was the best midfielder there at the time. But in hindsight, if I’d have knew what was going to come off, 100 percent I’d have signed the year extension and I’d have put up with four or five months of Brendan to get six months of Klopp for sure.”

Gerard reveals Klopp regret

Gerrard expressed an interest in coming off the bench under Klopp more than under Rodgers.

“Let me tell you now, I’d have been Jurgen Klopp’s best sub because my style and his style how I played and what he was after from players in terms of pressing and going for teams and being aggressive, I could have given him that for 15-20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45, maybe once every couple of weeks. I could’ve given him that for six months and beyond. I’d have made myself give that.”