Leaks have surfaced for the 2024 Germany kit, and it’s a callback to an iconic era of Adidas designs.

The 2006 World Cup, hosted by Germany, saw several teams wearing the Adidas Teamgeist template. This included France, Argentina, and of course, Germany.

That shirt, as seen above, featured wavy, pointed striping up each side, rendered in team colors.

Now, with Germany set to host its first major international tournament since ’06 – Euro 2024 – a version of the design appears to be coming back.

Germany 2024 Kits

The new shirt is a streamlined version of the Teamgeist design. The old kits had multiple separate arcing shapes making up the striping. However this time it’s one continuous pointed stripe, going from the lower sides up to the armpit. Within each is the colors of the German flag. It’s likely other Adidas-outfitted nations will see similar flag-themed treatments within these stripes.

The section of upper striping that came down from the neck in the ’06 shirts is not repeated here. It also remains to be seen if the stripes will continue onto the shorts as they did back in the day.

A simple ring neck collar with a partial black inner stripe and truncated shoulder stripes complete the look.

Reviewing the 2024 Germany Kits

If these reports turn out to be accurate, this is a major downgrade for Germany. The 2006 era of Adidas shirts was a memorable one for football, but nostalgia can’t really make up for the fact that it wasn’t that great of a design to begin with. And this is just a watered-down version of it.

The simplified striping treatment isn’t nearly as whimsical as the original. And the direct placement of the flag design within them is a bit tacky. Slap “GERMANY” across the chest and replace the DFB crest with a simple flag, and we’re in bootleg mall kiosk kit territory here.

Really a lackluster result on this one, especially coming off the very nice 2022 World Cup designs.

Grade: C-

Photo: Imago