Manchester City unveiled its new 2024-25 season home kit with a unique twist: a custom font designed by Noel Gallagher. The new jersey is already causing a stir among fans and critics alike due to its distinctive design choices.

Manchester City are aiming to maintain is incredible domination in the next season, after a fourth straight Premier League triumph. The team secured the title with 91 points, narrowly edging out Arsenal by two points. The new kit is part of the club’s ongoing efforts to refresh its visual identity, reflecting its status as one of the top clubs in Europe.

In a bizarre collaboration, Noel Gallagher, City’s supporter and ex-Oasis guitarist has lent his personal touch to the new kit. Gallagher has designed the font that will feature on the backs of the players’ shirts in Champions League, FA Cup, and Carabao Cup matches. This custom font, based on the musician’s handwriting, has a playful, almost cartoonish quality. Thus, it has drawn comparisons to the widely mocked Comic Sans font.

How have fans reacted to the kit?

By posting a screenshot of someone writing on paper, City hinted at Gallagher’s participation on social media. However, many people are unhappy since the typeface looks so much like Microsoft’s original Comic Sans font.

The new font has polarized opinions among the Citizens’ supporters and the wider soccer community. Some fans appreciate the unique, personal touch that Gallagher’s involvement brings, while others have been quick to ridicule the design. Comments on social media have ranged from calling it a nostalgic throwback reminiscent of the 90s cartoon “Rugrats,” to more blunt critiques suggesting it looks like the work of a child with a marker pen.

In addition to the new font, the kit features the ‘0161’ dialing code for Manchester prominently displayed. This detail is a nod to the local area and aims to reinforce the club’s connection to its roots. The dialing code is integrated into the darker blue edging on the collar and sleeves of the sky-blue shirt. It provides a subtle yet distinctive element to the overall design.

Will City use new font in the Premier League?

Manchester City’s decision to collaborate with Gallagher is part of a broader trend among clubs experimenting with visual identities. Real Madrid recently collaborated with fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. His brushstroke-inspired font for player names and numbers pays homage to Japanese art. Such collaborations reflect a shift towards more artistic and unconventional designs, aimed at standing out in a crowded market.

It’s worth noting that the new font will not be used in Premier League matches, where a standardized font is mandated. Instead, fans will see Gallagher’s handwriting on the shirts during European and domestic cup competitions. This selective use underscores the club’s strategy to differentiate its appearance on different stages, creating a unique identity for various tournaments.