FIFA president Gianni Infantino has threatened to ban the upcoming Women’s World Cup from certain countries in Europe. Speaking at the World Trade Organization headquarters, Infantino criticized European broadcasting companies over their bids for the tournament. According to the soccer administrator, networks in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK have undervalued the tournament’s broadcasting worth.

Infantino calls Europe bids for Women’s World Cup ‘slap in the face’

“The offers from broadcasters, mainly in the ‘Big 5’ European countries, are still very disappointing and simply not acceptable based on four criteria,” stated Infantino. “Firstly, 100% of any rights fees paid would go straight into women’s football, in our move to promote actions towards equal conditions and pay. Secondly, public broadcasters in particular have a duty to promote and invest in women’s sport.”

“Thirdly, the viewing figures of the FIFA Women’s World Cup are 50-60% of the men’s FIFA World Cup (which in turn are the highest of any event), yet the broadcasters’ offers in the ‘Big 5’ European countries for the FIFA Women’s World Cup are 20 to 100 times lower than for the men’s FIFA World Cup. Finally, and concretely, whereas broadcasters pay $100-$200 million for the men’s FIFA World Cup, they offer only $1-$10 million for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.”

Previous broadcasting rights bundled together along with the men’s World Cup. Nevertheless, the world’s governing body of the sport recently separated the two bidding processes.

FIFA has claimed that the upcoming Women’s World Cup will feature a $152 million prize purse. This is three times the amount compared to the previous tournament. The 2019 version of the competition was also the most-watched Women’s World Cup in history with 1.12 billion viewers worldwide.

FOX will broadcast tournament in the States

The 2023 Women’s World Cup starts on July 20. Australia and New Zealand will co-host the competition. While broadcasting rights in Europe are up in the air, soccer fans Stateside already know where to find the tournament.

FOX Sports is set to handle coverage of the Women’s World Cup in the United States. The American network recently released broadcast scheduling of the competition. Twenty-nine of the 64 total matches air on FOX. The remaining 35 games will feature on FS1.


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