Dennis Bergkamp, a legendary Arsenal player, will soon have one of his most famous goals commemorated on a banknote.

Very few people can forget Dennis Bergkamp’s spectacular goal for the Netherlands in the World Cup quarter-final match against Argentina in 1998. All of it—the assumption, the cutting motion, and the goal-scoring shot—was extraordinary.

The magnificent goal will be eternalized as a Haarlem banknote starting next week. A special eight-euro note has been ordered by the Dutch government to be printed by the Royal Enschede printing firm, which is in charge of printing Dutch money.

What will Dennis Bergkamp’s goal banknote look like?

Images of Bergkamp’s photograph and his spectacular goal that sent Argentina crashing out of the Marseille competition will grace the currency. Thanks to a groundbreaking holography design, the banknote will double as a work of digital art. In the Metaverse, every note will have its electronic equivalent.

A limited edition of 10 notes printed in 23-carat gold leaf will be put into circulation. As a result, upon their debut next Sunday in Amsterdam, they will immediately become coveted collectibles. One may buy the bill online for 24.95 euros. Nevertheless, the fact that Bergkamp is the first Dutch athlete to get this honor speaks something about his status in his homeland.

According to Marcel Klok of Joh. Enschede, “It was originally an initiative of the company The Global Note. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Bergkamp’s unique goal. That is why they wanted to have a kind of tribute to that goal and to Bergkamp’s career. It is the very first time that we have printed a note for an athlete.

“25,000 of them were made and we also made gold notes of the goal. These are of course a bit more expensive. An unveiling of both notes will take place tomorrow at the Millionaires Fair in the RAI in Amsterdam. The KNVB and representatives of Ajax [Bergkamp’s old club] are also present”, he told NH Nieuws,

Many considered the 1998 Dutch squad as the best in the World Cup, but they fell at the semi-final stage
Many considered the 1998 Dutch squad as the best in the World Cup, but they fell at the semi-final stage

Many considered the 1998 Dutch squad as the best in the World Cup, but they fell at the semi-final stage

Banknote offers additional digital features

A wave of inquiries from die-hard Gunners fans will likely hit Dutch banks soon, The Mirror claims. Gaining possession of an artifact from the history of soccer and notaphily will undoubtedly excite them much.

The innovative “wavefront technique” allowed designers to include Bergkamp in the digital selfie experience. Supporters of the 54-year-old will also be able to learn more about Bergkamp’s background and his time spent playing for teams like Inter, Ajax, and Arsenal.

“In addition to the note, he also gives three extensive interviews to a national newspaper and his autobiography will soon be published”, Klok added. As expected, the banknote is not valid for payment. On the other hand, it shares no design cues with the normal Euro bills.

And therefore, according to Klok, “with the same security features” is one example. The note also includes Jack van Gelder’s whole radio comments. Scanning a QR code will take you to Bergkamp’s phone, where he describes the goal and its significance.

Even though he usually avoids the limelight, former player Dennis Bergkamp has found himself in the limelight for the last few months. All things considered, Bergkamp’s PR effort is humming along well.

Photo credits: IMAGO / Pro Shots : IMAGO / Pro Shots.