Former Chelsea and Real Madrid forward Eden Hazard was widely considered to be among the sport’s all-time greats, despite his relationship with food.

Hazard‘s career has been a roller coaster, with many moments of brilliance and occasional disappointments.

He was known for his great dribbling ability, inventiveness on the pitch, and propensity for scoring goals.

While the highlights of his career are rightfully emphasized, it’s also important to examine the low points, such as the effect his unhealthy diet, especially his love of burgers, had on his brilliant accomplishments.

It was common knowledge early in the winger’s career that he enjoyed fast food, particularly burgers. He was no different from the many other young athletes who sometimes treat themselves to high-calorie, low-nutrient meals. As his career progressed, though, it became that he realized the importance of eating well as the scrutiny of his performances grew.

Chelsea had to change Hazard and his food habits

Reports indicate that the player was denied access to a food truck serving burgers. This was because his old club, Chelsea, had to intervene.

After agreeing on a $39 million deal to join the Blues from Lille, the player stayed there for seven seasons. Across all competitions, he made 352 appearances and contributed 110 goals and 92 assists.

Once Hazard developed a taste for a particular burger joint, the Premier League club had to act.

In order to prevent the 32-year-old from purchasing unhealthy food, the Premier League side urged them to turn Hazard away.

In fact, reporter Matt Law of the Telegraph mentioned a burger cart near Stamford Bridge during Eden Hazard’s debut season at Chelsea during an interview on the London Is Blue podcast. The club requested that the burger joint refrain from serving Hazard.

Dietary issues didn’t help with injuries

The 32-year-old’s fitness problems have seen his career slip away, notably during his disastrous time at Real Madrid. The two-time Premier League winner reportedly began his career in Madrid out of shape. He was five kg heavier than when he left for the summer break.

As if his dietary problems weren’t enough, the former Belgium international also had countless injuries in Spain. He spent four years at the Bernabeu but managed only 76 appearances.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Sebastian Frej