Brazilian authorities announced at least six Brasileirão matches from last year are under investigation for match-fixing. Police officials recently raided homes of businessmen and players allegedly associated with the infractions. This widespread blitz reportedly involved defendants across 16 cities in six Brazilian states.

Players in 11 games offered thousands of dollars

The initial investigation back in November first focused on just three matches. However, the AP is now reporting that authorities are now looking at up to 11 total games around the nation. Some of these fixtures in question are from the lower domestic leagues, though.

Investigators in the case claim bettors offered players money to perform different duties during the games. This apparently involved anything from giving out corner kicks to committing penalties. Participating players would then receive anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 for the specific tasks.

All six Brasileirão match-fixing incidents involved yellow cards

Games Magazine Brasil is reporting that certain players on Cuiabá, Juventude, Red Bull Bragantino and Santos took part in the scandal. All six of the players involving Brazilian top-flight teams had to receive a yellow card. Bettors requested players in the lower leagues perform more serious infractions. This included committing penalties and even having their specific teams be down at halftime.

Government officials have not yet officially named any players involved in the match-fixing ring. Nevertheless, the aforementioned news outlet claims that Victor Ramos, currently with Chapecoense, had his cell phone taken away by police in the raid.

Red Bull Bragantino’s Kevin Joel Lomónaco also has involvement. The defender was apparently served a search warrant at his home during the investigation. Officials have determined that a Bragantino player was asked to receive a yellow card during a matchup with América-MG in November.

Despite the raid, authorities arrested or jailed no player in the investigation just yet. There are, however, suggestions that three non-players have arrest warrants.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Fotoarena