Barcelona launched its new streaming platform, Barca One, for free to download for supporters who want exclusive content. Barca One is the next step for Barca TV+ to, as the club says, keep Barcelona at the forefront of the entertainment industry. The exclusive content on the platform, which will be free for a global audience, is extensive. It includes live and on-demand games from across Barcelona’s different squads. Plus, much of the focus of the service is on things like documentaries, press conferences and other forms of deeper diving into the club.

Content will regularly arrive on the service in the coming weeks. Viewers do not need to register for any subscription as the content is available for free. However, Barcelona does plan to turn a profit with the service. The club is still in a state of financial struggle following poor financial moves in the transfer window and the reconstruction of Camp Nou.

Barca One will make money via advertisements. Ads will play before a viewer watches each program available on the platform. Any fans of FC Barcelona will also have the chance to subscribe, should they desire. The payment will remove all ads from the service, but there is no indication as to how much the club will charge for this perk. FC Barcelona members, which is around $220 per year, will get the service for free as part of their membership dues.

The first program available on Barca One will be a documentary focusing on Ronald Araujo. The Uruguayan center-back has become one of the most important players for Barcelona under Xavi. Origins | Araujo goes into depth on the Uruguayan’s upbringing. Barcelona’s documentary crew even travels to Rivera in Uruguay to better understand where Araujo comes from.

Live content on Barcelona streaming platform

One of the more interesting concepts on Barca One is the inclusion of live broadcasts of games. At first glance, this seems like a tremendous offer for soccer fans. It would provide an affordable way to watch the Barcelona senior team in action. In all likelihood, this will not be the case. Expect live broadcasts of games to include Barcelona youth teams or the second squad. LaLiga games involving Barcelona and fixtures for the Barcelona Women’s Team are available on other platforms. For example, ESPN+ broadcasts most of Barcelona’s games.

There will still be first-team content to go along with things like documentaries. Press conferences, which have become more important with ongoing Barcelona issues on and off the field, are available on Barca One.

Not the first club to reveal a streaming service

Barca One will be revolutionary for FC Barcelona as it looks to give fans more access to the club. However, it is not the first entity in a European club to do this. Earlier in the year, Feyenoord launched a similar platform for fans of the Dutch club. Much like Barca One, Feyenoord ONE uses ads to provide the club with revenue. However, there is a subscription on offer to remove advertisements.