Adidas have released a batch of 2023 Women’s World Cup kits for nine of the ten sides they’ll be outfitting at this summer’s tournament.

The secondary strips for Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Spain and Sweden have been shown off, with the Philippines design on the way.

Most of the designs feature a nature theme. It’s an interesting choice to carry through across different countries, and it’s produced some fun results.

Argentina 2023 Kits

Argentina’s new top represents the diverse landscapes across the country.

An abstract sort-of-hoop design in two shades of green is the basis, echoing rolling landscape views you might see throughout Argentina. The trim is done in a coral pink/orange color, making for a distinctive combo.

Bonus points for the mismatched sock striping. It’s a lock at least one player will have the red and green on different legs than their teammates.

Grade: B

Colombia 2023 Kits

The Colombia shirt almost looks tie-dyed, or like something from the planet Jupiter. But it’s actually based on the Caño Cristales river, also known as “The River of Five Colors.”

The swirling pattern is based upon the color changing phenomenon of light reflecting on the water of the river.

The bright yellow of the crest, Adidas logo and stripes really pops against the dark purple/pink base here. It’s a bold look and will certainly help Colombia stand out.

Grade: B+

Costa Rica 2023 Kits

Costa Rica have not strayed far from their standard look. Clearly not part of the nature theme, they’ve opted for relatively basic tops.

The primary is classic Ticas red, with simple blue and white trim.

The secondary is a quite nice white affair, with dark blue and gold trim and pinstripes.

Nothing groundbreaking with either design, and it’s unfortunate Adidas didn’t continue the theme and tap into some of the gorgeous natural beauty of the country for inspiration. Still, decent stuff here, particularly the secondary.

Grade: B+

Germany 2023 Kits

Germany historically has worn many green secondary kits over the years, and these are a great twist on it.

The design represents the deep forests of Germany, with multiple shades of green. Darker splotches evoke pine branches in what is a mostly abstract pattern.

Gold and black trim compliments the foliage very nicely, and overall it’s just a really sharp look and probably the best execution of the nature theme of the bunch.

Grade: A+
See more images of the German kit on the Kitbag online store.

Italy 2023 Kits

Italy’s tops were revealed earlier this year as part of a larger launch of their new branding and crest for 2023.

The secondary shirts feature a marble stone pattern, white with blue and gold veins running across the body. Blue trim tops off the design.

Of course Italy has no shortage of iconic marble structures, so it’s a perfect fit. But one can’t help but think having the marble veins in a softer blue or perhaps grey might have worked better.

Grade: B
See more images of the Italy kit on the Kitbag online store.

Jamaica 2023 Kits

Jamaica also had their shirts revealed as part of a separate launch, and they, like Costa Rica, eschewed the nature theming.

The top is plain black, with dark red, green and gold striping on the sleeve cuffs and collar. Gold trim finishes off the look on the crest and Adidas markings.

It’s very simple, but a really classic looking shirt. The Reggae Girlz will be looking incredibly sharp in this outfit.

Grade: A
See more images of the Jamaica kit on the Kitbag online store.

Japan 2023 Kits

Japan’s design is inspired by pink sunrises over Mount Fuji. One also can’t help but think of Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms when seeing this design as well.

The soft, cloud-like design creates a two-tone look, with a lavender color on the top and pink towards the bottom. You could almost believe this is a photograph of an early morning sky simply printed onto the shirt. Pink collar piping and Adidas stripes are the perfect contrast to the lavender shoulder area.

An excellent color palette for the secondary, and a solid effort.

Grade: B+
See more images of the Japan kit on the Kitbag online store.

Spain 2023 Kits

Spain have gone with something you might not expect. When you think of Spain, coral reefs likely aren’t the first thing that come to mind. But sure enough, tropical marine life is abundant on Spain’s beautiful coastlines. And it’s perfect for a tournament being held in Australia and New Zealand, which are famous for their reefs.

The light blue base is complimented with purple and magenta coral designs on the sleeves, sides and lower front. Bright magenta trim on the sleeves and collar, with darker blue striping, Adidas marks and crest, set off the design.

A nice curveball from one of the game’s more traditional nations, and it’s a winner.

Grade: A

Sweden 2023 Kits

Sweden check both the traditional national colors and nature theme boxes with their new top.

The blue top has a pattern that looks like icebergs viewed from above. Of course, Sweden has many glaciers and other frozen locales, and it fits right in with the blue color of the shirt.

The shades of blue chosen look great with the yellow trim on the sleeves, collar, Adidas marks and crest.

Definitely one of the coolest designs of the bunch. Coolest. Because of the ice. Get it? Cool.

Grade: B

Adidas certainly have produced some interesting shirts for the upcoming World Cup. We like ’em all, but what do you think?

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