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Nicolas Anelka Goal Celebration Ignites Controversy Due to Alleged Anti-Semitic Gesture

nicolas anelka goal Nicolas Anelka Goal Celebration Ignites Controversy Due to Alleged Anti Semitic Gesture

West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka scored two vital goals against West Ham United today, but one of his goal celebrations has ignited a storm of controversy in France, where people are claiming the first goal celebration featured an anti-semitic gesture.

French journalist Philippe Auclair explained:

“[There's a] big storm brewing in France about Anelka’s ‘celebration’ of his first goal [against West Ham] with a – to say the least- [very] controversial gesture.

“This gesture, ‘la quenelle’, was invented by a comedian named Dieudonne, supposedly as an ‘anti-establishment’ statement. But it can also be read as an inversion of the Nazi salute, and has been the subject of an official complaint by anti-racist organizations.

“To use it at the moment is cretinous at best. Far worse than the finger aimed at MCFC fans by Wilshere, which was rightly punished.

“It is a deeply offensive gesture in the current political context in France, especially to our Jewish community. Objectively.”

Here’s a photo of Dieudonne with Anelka making the gesture:

Dieudonne anelka Nicolas Anelka Goal Celebration Ignites Controversy Due to Alleged Anti Semitic Gesture

Dieudonne is allegedly an anti-semitic comedian, and the gesture is allegedly a nazi salute in reverse.

West Bromwich Albion caretaker manager Keith Downing responded to the criticism regarding his player by stating:

“It has got nothing to do what is being said. It is absolute rubbish. It is dedicated to a French comedian he knows very, very well.”

Even if it was made as a dedication to his French comedian friend, Anelka’s decision to make the gesture is completely irresponsible.

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11 Responses to Nicolas Anelka Goal Celebration Ignites Controversy Due to Alleged Anti-Semitic Gesture

  1. Jamieru says:

    “Dieudonne is allegedly an anti-semitic comedian, and the gesture is allegedly a nazi salute in reverse.”

    LMAO. This site posts factual news on European football. Allegedly.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Which part of the statement are you in disagreement about?

      • Jamieru says:

        The part where you run with allegations without providing context either way, then hide behind the ‘allegedly’ (twice) to cover your ass.

        Either you think it’s anti-Semitic or you don’t, or you care to break down the zeal of a zionist press to label anything and everything racist or anti-Semitic. Instead you have it right down the middle and offer absolutely nothing.

        • Christopher Harris says:

          I haven’t seen, heard or read anything by this comedian, so I’m not able to say whether he is anti-semitic or not.

        • Jamieru says:

          OK, I’ll help.

          The question here isn’t the comedian’s intent or content (because it’s satirical enough to be in the eye of the beholder, unlike say, the Duck Dynasty ‘controversy’ over here in the States where the comments made could only allude to one conclusion: homophobia), thus it’s ALL about how the media (and who controls it) dictates message and ideology by labeling perfectly acceptable divergent beliefs to be ‘racist’ or ‘offensive’. That’s the entire heart of the matter, and then when it’s covered as news using words like ‘racist’ (then hiding behind ‘allegedly’) it puts those in power MORE in power by helping them dictate the terms of the discussion even more. Suddenly culturally entire groups of people and beliefs and debates are off grounds and one gilded side wins by merely controlling HOW the discussion can unfold, without ever needing to posit a legitimate line of argument.

  2. Wongo1 says:

    I don’t know this guy or his comedy but damn we need to ease up on the PC nonsense.

    • Flyvanescence says:

      10,000 thumbs up

    • CTBlues says:

      Your talking about Europe where freedom of speech isn’t exactly free speech. It is illegal to buy, sell, or own nazi memorabilia. You can be arrested for using racial speech at person. Those things in the US would be breaking the out first amendment rights.

      • Alan says:

        Your talking crap! It is illegal to sell Nazi memorabilia in certain countries for obvious reasons as we are not thousands of miles away from what happened, people still have to re-live certain evens even now.

        ‘You can be arrested for using radical speech at a person’ what the hell are you on about??? You wanna try going to speakers corner in Hyde park London to hear ‘radical speech’!! Or anywhere in England, France, Germany etc. No wonder people have the opinion they do of certain Americans, clueless and ignorant.

  3. SmACK says:

    At least I finally know where Nicolas Anelka has been. Last I saw him he was having his shot stopped and Man United won the Champions League. After that he went into hiding.

  4. Pakapala says:

    Let’s see here: the most hated comedian in France being supported by the most hated football player in France, in a week where french officials are debating banning the former from performing? What did you expect to happen? Kudos to Anelka fro having the balls he has. Considering his well publicized disdain for Anelka in the past, I had to laugh out loud at Philippe Auclair’s attempt to pass his recent tirade as something “objectively”.
    As for you Harris, considering you admit not knowing anything about the comedian, how then do you feel confident in passing judgement on Anelka’s gesture?

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