Sunderland Bid £6m For US International And Roma Midfielder Michael Bradley, Says Report

Sunderland have made an offer of £6million for AS Roma and US international midfielder Michael Bradley, according to a report in Italy. However, the Italian club values Bradley at between £8.5m-£10m, so the two clubs are currently at a stalemate in their negotations for the American World Cup star.

Earlier this week, in an interview with Sunderland Echo newspaper, Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio expressed his desire to sign a creative midfielder:

“If we can bring in only one player, without selling (Stephane) Sessegnon, it would have to be absolutely a central midfielder.”

Bradley could be that player. He can put his foot on the ball to control midfield possession. Plus he has the creative spark that Sunderland desperately needs to create chances up front for Sunderland strikers Steven Fletcher and Jozy Altidore. Bradley has experience playing in the top flights in Europe, and despite a disappointing period with Aston Villa, the American has the quality and determination to make it in the Premier League.

What’s your opinion about Michael Bradley? Should he remain at Roma, or is a move to Sunderland an ideal opportunity to form a partnership with Altidore to unlock the striker’s potential in the top flight? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Sunderland Bid £6m For US International And Roma Midfielder Michael Bradley, Says Report”

  1. I’d love to see Bradley make this move. Isn’t the Roma midfield getting kinda crowded? Plus, I almost never watch the Italian league and I’d like to see Bradley play more.

  2. Bradley would instantly become the beat player on the squad. Sunderland definitely have some nice pieces but are definitely lacking some sharpness through the middle and also appear to leave Altidore isolated for long stretches. This would be a nice move for Sunderland but Roma would do well to hold out for a few more £’s.

  3. I would like to see the move happen. Bradley and Altidore on sunderland would be fantastic. The duo’s play would strengthen which I hope they’d bring to USMNT.

  4. He should absolutely come to Sunderland. There are 2 reasons for this…well actually 3 reasons. The biggest reason of all lies in that if he and Altidore play a full season together at the highest level of competition, that will pay massive dividends come World Cup time in summer of next year. For Sunderland the goal is almost right in line. They get a great central midfielder with a great touch and timing, knows how to get the best out of Altidore and set him up for goals, which is what they want, and it gives them a HUGE boost in followers from America and likely also much more prime coverage on US broadcasts as well. This is a great move for so many reasons.

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