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SAT, 2:30PM ET

NBC Sports Announces Complete TV Listings for First 3 Weeks Of Premier League Coverage

nbc epl NBC Sports Announces Complete TV Listings for First 3 Weeks Of Premier League Coverage

NBC Sports has announced their complete TV listings for the first three weeks of the 2013-14 Premier League season.

Beginning August 17, NBC Sports will show all 380 games on television and the Internet. But up until today, we didn’t have all of the details of what games were going to be shown in the coveted 10am ET Saturday timeslot. Until now.

Here’s the schedule (all times Eastern):

Saturday, August 17 

Liverpool vs Stoke, 7:45am, NBC Sports Network
Arsenal vs Aston Villa, 10am, NBC Sports Network and mun2
Norwich vs Everton, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Sunderland vs Fulham, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
West Ham vs Cardiff, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
West Brom vs Southampton, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Swansea vs Manchester United, 12:30pm, NBC and mun2

Sunday, August 18

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham, 8:30am, NBC Sports Network
Chelsea vs Hull City, 11am, NBC Sports Network

Monday, August 19

Manchester City vs Newcastle, 3pm, NBC Sports Network

Wednesday, August 21

Chelsea vs Aston Villa, 2:30pm, NBC Sports Network

Saturday, August 24

Fulham vs Arsenal, 7:45am, NBC Sports Network and mun2
Newcastle vs West Ham, 10am, NBC Sports Network
Everton vs West Brom, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Southampton vs Sunderland, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Hull City vs Norwich, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Stoke vs Crystal Palace, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Aston Villa vs Liverpool, 12:30pm, NBC

Sunday, August 25

Tottenham vs Swansea, 11am, NBC Sports Network and mun2
Cardiff vs Manchester City, 11am, Premier League Extra Time

Monday, August 26

Manchester United vs Chelsea, 3pm, NBC Sports Network

Saturday, August 31

Manchester City vs Hull City, 7:45am, NBC Sports Network
Newcastle vs Fulham, 10am, NBC Sports Network
Cardiff vs Everton, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
West Ham vs Stoke, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
West Brom vs Swansea, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Norwich vs Southampton, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Crystal Palace vs Sunderland, 12:30pm, NBC

Sunday, September 1

Liverpool vs Manchester United, 8:30am, NBC Sports Network and Telemundo
Arsenal vs Tottenham, 11am, NBC Sports Network and mun2
In addition to the above schedule, all games will be shown live on NBC Sports Live Extra, the app from NBC that is accessible via the web, mobile and tablet devices — as long as your TV provider offers the service to you (which is being offered free of charge to TV providers by NBC Sports).

Lead play-by-play voice Arlo White joins former Premier League star and four-time league champion Lee Dixon to call the 12:30 PM ET Saturday matches on NBC in the first three weeks – Swansea-Manchester United on Aug. 17; Aston Villa-Liverpool on Aug. 24; and Crystal Palace-Sunderland on Aug. 31.

Arlo White teams with Graeme Le Saux, the former Premier League star who played in 36 international matches for England, to call two Sunday matches and one Monday game on NBC Sports Network in the first three weeks – Chelsea-Hull City at 11:00 AM ET on Sunday, Aug. 18; Manchester United-Chelsea at 3:00 PM ET on Monday, Aug. 26; and Liverpool-Manchester United at 8:30 AM ET on Sunday, Sept. 1.  Legendary footballer and presenter Gary Lineker will serve as a special contributor to NBC Sports Group’s Premier League coverage.

All matches will be preceded and followed by Premier League Live pre- and post-match shows from the NBC Sports Group International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn. Rebecca Lowe  hosts Premier League Livealongside former Jamaican National Team player Robbie Earle, former U.S. National Team midfielder Kyle Martino, and former English footballer Robbie Mustoe.

In addition, six matches in the season’s first three weeks will be telecast in Spanish by Telemundo and mun2.

Have questions? Read our helpful resource about everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage of the Premier League season for viewers in the US.

For the latest TV schedule for August through December (and through the rest of the season, when announced), visit the EPL TV and Internet schedule page.

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74 Responses to NBC Sports Announces Complete TV Listings for First 3 Weeks Of Premier League Coverage

  1. Chris says:

    Glad I get to see Fulham for two weeks. I wish the Sunderland x Fulham game was going to be shown on the 10 am slot. But oh well. Fulham x Arsenal will be on the following week. Great stuff.

  2. cnl. onions says:

    Of interest to me is that they’re giving more love to Newcastle than Everton for that 10am slot.

    • cnl. onions says:

      I also like to see that they are doing 3 weeks worth here..I hope they continue to do it that far in advance. The beIN Sport model of doing it the Tue/Wed before the weekend is killing me.

    • franz says:

      No love for the United Stokes of America either!

  3. kent says:

    Will Arlo White be onsite to call the games or calling them from the studio?

  4. dck says:

    What are the specific ‘Extra Time’ channels?

  5. FCAsheville says:

    Are local affiliates going to screw some of the markets like what happened w/ Fox for some games?

  6. David G says:

    What are the odds that Comcast (who owns NBC) can actually get the extra time channels sorted by the time the season starts?

    It will be fun talking to friends with DirectTV who are watching Extra Time while comcast customers will be SOL

    • rej4sl says:

      I called and asked and typical of Comcast could not get any answer or any understanding of what the channels were.
      I asked for Premier League Extra Time and the person said ABC Family Channel. No idea how she came up with that.

      Online chat was not much better kept getting told to tune to NBC Sports of Fox Soccer.

      So no idea if we will even see these channels. Comcast hums while the world sings.

      • Christopher Harris says:

        It’s going to take time to get the customer service reps up to speed so they know what’s going on.

        • rej4sl says:

          Hope so – when we got the Olympic Channels they just appeared out of thin air. No one knew anything about them until they appeared.

  7. leafsfan1967 says:

    Who will be doing commentary for the games that will only be available on the app or the extra channels. Will they be picking up UK based feeds or will someone be doing the games off monitors Stateside?

  8. Derrek says:

    any word about NBC sports coming to Mas Ultra package of Directv? as of now its on no spanish packages and mun2 and telemundo only show a few games.

  9. Pete Q says:

    I understand the network has programming on during the week. But that Chelsea-United match on Monday August 26th at 3pm should be on NBC national.

    Huge match. Big clubs. Great chance to sell the league to more fans.

    • David G says:

      Also a good way to get people to go to NBC sports

    • Matt says:

      I’d be very surprised to see NBC bump whatever they show on monday afternoons (probably a soap or courtroom show) for the Premier League for the first few months at least.

      Clearly I don’t agree with that stance, but they’re doing basically everything right so far.

      • Guy says:

        You’re absolutely right. Not going to happen. Their regular advertisers would go nuts and they would lose a ton of money.

        • rory says:

          A lot of the affiliates begin their local news @ 4pm in the east – that’s their main moneymaker. Although NBC has shown tennis in that timeslot in the past

    • SeminoleGunner says:

      I’d guess it would be very, very hard to pry 3PM-5PM on a Wednesday from local affiliates.

      Their programming is crap of course, but they love their judge shows, syndicated talk, and soaps.

  10. David G says:

    I just realized that the extra games will most likely be in SD for us Comcast customers. Might have to get the old TV out of the basement

    • Christopher Harris says:

      How do you know it’ll be SD not HD? From what I understand, it’ll be HD quality.

      • David G says:

        I’d be pleasantly shocked if Comcast put a bunch of new channels in HD for soccer but I really doubt it.

        Even when you pay a lot extra for NBA or NHL games (league passes) they don’t put them in HD.

        They might also go the BeIN sports route and put HD in the corner of a clearly SD feed.

      • Bobby says:

        Gaffer Comcast is horrible,they only offer 1 HD channels for pay network such as HBO,Starz & Showtime so I doubt they we will get any games in HD other than what they are showing on NBC Sports Network.i live in an apartment and have no choice for now but I will switch to a better alternative as soon as I possibly can.

        • Christopher Harris says:

          I’ve had Comcast for years as my local cable company, and I have no complaints. I signed up for their HD package a couple of years ago and I have dozens of HD channels to choose from. Give your local Comcast company a call to see how they can help.

          • Bobby says:

            I will check it out, all I know is that I have an HD box, I have a small amount of HD channels available. beIN is available in English and Spanish but neither is in HD.i live in San Francisco so you would think we would have the same HD as everyone else.

          • rej4sl says:

            We have over 100 HD Channels here in the Twin Cities so not bad for Comcast at all.

    • RobU says:

      Just like beIN I’ll be ecstatic if they just add the channels in my area. Not even going to complain about HD its pretty much a given.

  11. Chris Koenig says:

    Your coverage and information on this has been great. The ONLY lingering question I have at this point: will Sports Live Extra (the online component) ONLY play the matches live? Or will they be available on-demand later (similar to the FoxSoccer2Go arrangement)? If they will be available on-demand afterwards, what will the wait period be? Immediately available? Available next day?

    • Christopher Harris says:

      We’re still working on getting confirmation on that first question.

    • Kris says:

      I was cruising the NBC app yesterday. When you click on premier league there is a tab that says, “Replays”. Obviously tod me yesterday (at that exact moment) that there were no “Full Event Replays” at the moment and to check back.. But that leads me to believe that there will be “Full Event Replays”. Someone yesterday on another post said that the replays are usually up “for a few days”.

      Fingers crossed.

      The app **must** have a replay feature or see ya later to actually getting to watch all the games I’d like to.

      Good vibes – good vibes – happy dance.

      It’ll happen. Just has to. :)

      Come on footy gods, make this happen


  12. yespage says:

    Looks like MSNBC and CNBC, and their other networks won’t be used much at all.

    • Jeff says:

      NBC & NBCSN has the Winter Olympics in February 2014 so that might be the time other channels like MSNBC & CNBC will be used?

  13. Jason says:

    Have I mentioned how much I love NBC so far for their coverage and they haven’t even televised a match yet. So Excited for next Sunday!

  14. dstorm says:

    Gaffer, do we have confirmation that the NBC national games will also be available via “live extra”? Historically over-the-air is treated differently than cable – but I see no reason why it wouldn’t be included unless there was a reason at the local affiliate level. Thanks.

  15. Tony Butterworth says:

    Still not possible to get Live Extra on DirecTV

  16. Ryan says:

    Chris, any news on Fios getting Extra Time Live? Would be rather awesome to get all of those channels as overflow channels.

  17. Smokey Bacon says:

    Can’t wait. Practically gagging for some football. It’s been a long summer.

  18. Steve says:

    Very excited about what NBC has planned. Any word on some of the technical issues from their original announcement, especially on the ticker or drop-down score update they were considering? That’s going to be important for those of us who want to record matches that are going on at the same time. It would be good to know ahead of time whether we are going to be spoiled on results.

    • Kris says:


      But, just do what I’m doing. Hand the app to your wife – teach her the basics – then she hands back to you when it’s just the game on the screen – ready for kickoff.


      They better not have a score-ticker in-game – when watching a match. That would totally bl*w.

      Come on, NBC. We know you read all of these oats as well. PLEASE PLEASE no score-ticker! – aka “horrible spoiler”.

      There is ZERO USE for us to have a score ticker.

      The beauty is in the not knowing of an outcome… the complete devastation comes in knowing a score to a match you were just about to watch.

      Please guys, hear us on this. No ticker!

      Thanks, NBC. Y’all are doing an excellent job. Cannot wait for August one seven.

  19. Kris says:


    Cox now has both the NBC Sports Live Extra App


    The Premier League Extra Time channels!!!


    All setup!


    Yay! Backflip! Jump! spin! Fields of gold… I’m going to go and frolic about in them. Wee!

  20. DMC says:

    The only problem that I see is neither DirecTV nor Dish have NBC Sports in any of their latino packages and why TLMD and Mun2 have so few games compare to fox deportes last year.

  21. Amardeep says:

    does anyone know if Dish is offering the Premier League Extra Time package? I get the NBC Sports network, just not sure if the extra channels are available. I rang Dish and no one seemed to have a clue!

  22. Tim says:

    No replays. 2 weeks in. This is ridiculous. So I HAVE to get up at 8am on Sunday? I was under theimpression that the matches would make it to replay allowing me to watch on my time. Fox Soccer 2 Go was good about that. This is my chief complaint. Otherwise it’s not too bad I guess.

  23. gorboloco says:

    lol. I noticed there are no game listings past September 1. Why are you so afraid to post them, NBC? Maybe because that coincides with the beginning of the NFL regular season in the U.S., and you realize that once that happens, your soccer audience will dwindle from a few thousand people down to probably 3, and that’s if you’re lucky? ROFL! Soccer blows, and Americans all know it! That’s why soccer has always been, is, and will forever be a complete failure in the United States. And the soccer fans in the U.S. who love soccer are complete losers for loving such a boring, garbage, foreign sport! LOSERS! ROFL!

  24. David says:

    It still bothers me enormously that NBC insist on placing up to date scores in the top right hand corner of the screen during live games on NBCSN. They don’t do it on Extra Time channels, thank goodness. Today I had to remember to watch the recorded Man City game first, otherwise my enjoyment (??) of watching Spurs in the simultaneous match would have been spoilt.
    Why do they do this? To try and be the all-embracing voice of soccer in the US? If anyone needs to know the score whilst a game is in motion, they can check it very easily on the Internet. NBC’s hope of being the first port of call is misguided. It detracts from what is otherwise a terrific experience as the commentaries and quality of presentation are excellent.

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