NBC Sports to Debut ‘Premier League Club Selection Show’ August 8th

In the build-up to the new Premier League season scheduled to kick off on Saturday, August 17 on NBC, NBC Sports Network will debut two new soccer shows in early August as well as featuring several classic Premier League matches to increase the excitement before opening day.

One of the shows has been mentioned before, which is Premier League Countdown, a preview of the 2013-14 season. But the other show is quite intriguing and hasn’t been publicized yet. It’s entitled ‘Premier League Club Selection Show.’

Presumably the 60-minute show will help sports fans, who are new to the Premier League, choose what club they’d like to support. It’s a novel idea, and while it’ll be entertaining for hardcore soccer fans, it could be a very resourceful show for new fans to the world’s most popular sports league.

In addition to ‘Premier League Club Selection Show,’ and ‘Premier League Countdown,’ NBC Sports will air plenty of other EPL coverage from August 1-13. That includes 7.5 hours of continuous Premier League soccer coverage on Saturday, August 10 plus five hours of continuous EPL coverage during prime-time on Monday, August 12.

Here’s the NBC Sports Network TV schedule for August 1-13 that features Premier League coverage:

All times Eastern.

Thursday, August 1

7pm Premier League World

Thursday, August 8

7pm Premier League World
7:30pm Premier League Club Selection Show
8:30pm Premier League Countdown

Friday, August 9

12:01am Premier League Club Selection Show (rerun)
7am Premier League Countdown
8am Premier League Club Selection Show (rerun)

Saturday, August 10

6am Arsenal vs Newcastle (2012)
8am Spurs vs Man United (2012)
10am Man City vs Liverpool (2013)
Noon Premier League Countdown
1pm Premier League Club Selection Show (rerun)

Sunday, August 11

7am Man City vs QPR (2012)
9am Man United vs Aston Villa (2013)
11am Premier League Countdown
Noon Premier League Club Selection Show (rerun)

Monday, August 12

2am Premier League Countdown
7am Premier League Countdown
8am Premier League Club Selection Show (rerun)
7pm Man City vs Man United (2011)
9pm Man United vs Man City (2012)
11pm Premier League Countdown

Tuesday, August 13

12:01am Chelsea vs Man United (2012)
2am Premier League Countdown
7am Man United vs Man City (2012)

Thanks to World Soccer Talk reader man99ud for the news tip.

24 thoughts on “NBC Sports to Debut ‘Premier League Club Selection Show’ August 8th”

  1. Ok so bein sports have the Carling Cup, Fox have the FA Cup, NBC the Premier, who is covering the Champions league on TV?

  2. I have been following football since 1959. I always find it funny that Fox, and I guess, Sky show which team is wearing which color kit. I file it under those who don’t know don’t matter, but sometimes some of the action is obscured.
    Good luck to NBC in trying to inform and build the fan base. Personally, I gave that up in the early 70’s. Leading horses to water and all that.

    1. In these days of wacky 3rd alternate shirts and the likes of Nike employing paint machine gun designs, sometimes you need that color indicator. I remember once wondering when Aruna Kone had joined Barcelona. Of course he was playing for one of those teams that shared the same color scheme and it took me longer than it should have to realize.

      1. I remember. When real got into football around 2009-2010. I couldnt tell the difference between aston villa and west ham.I thought they were the same lol

  3. Is NBC Sports planning on running its VERY annoying sports ticker along the bottom of the screen during EPL matches? I noticed it running during the “Premiere League World” shows. Not only is it useless, it slightly compresses the picture.

    1. When I spoke to them in April, they were leaning to not showing the ticker but no final decision had been made.

  4. Chris, is this going to be NBCs answer to the premier league preview and review show or will they be showing that as well?

  5. FYI, according to an NBC Sports Guide (http://nbcumv.com/mediavillage/sports/nbcsports/pressreleases?pr=contents/press-releases/2013/07/24/sportseventsonn1388961.xml), EPL Countdown (w/ Lowe, Robbie Earle & Robbie Mustoe) along with EPL Club Selection (w/ Lowe & Kyle Martino) will air on the main NBC network between 4pm & 6pm ET on August 11th. That is the final Sunday before the EPL begins the weekend after.

    That same page also connfirms that Arlo White’s first game will be the Swansea v Man Utd game being aired on NBC, with Lee Dixon being his co-commentator.

  6. This is a stupid idea. A person should become a fan of a team by watching games & deciding who they like. You need to make your own decision on who you support. You shouldn’t root for a team because some so-called expert says if you like this you should root for this team. Make a decision people without others telling you what to do

    1. Dang dude, take it down a few notches, will ya? I am a fairly new football fan and only really started watching the Premiere League last October. Although I really enjoyed watching the matches, I quickly found that it’s a lot more fun when you have a specific club to support. Since NBC has invested so much money in getting the EPL rights, they’re probably going to want to get as many people watching as they possibly can. Some of my friends have stated that they can’t really even name more than one or two clubs in the EPL so I think a show like this is a good idea and will hopefully get more people interested. Since I have not yet seen the show, I can’t say for certain, but it sounds to me like they are going to present information about all twenty clubs and assist the viewers with making a decision for themselves. I doubt that they’re going to broadcast a show that directly tells everyone which club they should support.

      This sounds like a good thing to me.

    2. A person can come to support a club for any number of reasons – hereditary, geography, style of play, or picking out of a hat. I’ve been following top flight English football since before the Premier League existed, and I admire the enthusiasm of many new American fans I’ve met who chose to support clubs for pretty random reasons.

  7. And what will become of the premier league review show? For those of us who actually have lived and can’t watch every single match, the premier league review show was perfect. More football than talk about 7 minutes worth of highlights for every match what more could you ask for. Basicly what I’m trying to say is don’t let a great thing die just because we’re changing channels.

      1. Real Match of the Day (with lower leagues coverage), or an NBC facsimile of it? I don’t much care anyway as I’m able to watch MOTD from California every Sat/Sun, but if true, American fans are in for a real treat.

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