More Details Regarding ESPN’s New Daily Soccer Show ‘ESPN FC’

More details have been announced regarding the launch of ESPN’s daily new soccer show entitled ‘ESPN FC,’ which will launch on August 11.

The 30-minute ‘ESPN FC’ show will air weeknights at 5:30pm ET on ESPN2.

‘ESPN FC’ will be shown on ESPN2 weeknights beginning at 5:30pm ET and Sunday nights beginning at midnight. No show will air on Saturdays.

‘ESPN FC’ will be a highlights-driven show with plenty of analysis that we’re accustomed to seeing and hearing from ESPN pundits.

Details will be announced soon regarding the hosts and regular contributors.

Overall, it’s excellent news for soccer fans to be able to catch daily news and highlights each weekday evening and late on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, FOX’s ‘FOX Soccer Daily’ soccer show will launch on August 19 on FOX Sports 1.

H/T Awful Announcing.

11 thoughts on “More Details Regarding ESPN’s New Daily Soccer Show ‘ESPN FC’”

  1. Do they focus on all leagues around the world? Will they give attention to the premier league even though ESPN doesnt have the rights?

  2. Looks like I’ll need DVR if I’m going to be able to watch this. Hope they has some stuff on the BPL or Bundesliga.

  3. This is great news but will the ESPN FC website show highlights too???? Also will NBC air free highlights on their website or do they want us to pay for that too????

  4. So basically 30 minutes of Tommy Smyth being ridiculous, Steve Nichol being obtuse, and the host trying to goad Gab Marcotti or Stuart Robson or Craig Burley or Raf Honegstein or whoever they manage to grab off the Sky/BT/NBC scrap heap into answering a ridiculous hypothetical?

    I’m in! Because there probably won’t be anything better to watch.

    1. Given this, versus whatever fox is going to throw at us, I’m in.
      Fox won’t give much lip service to the ‘second tier’ BPL, you can bet on that. They will pump the heck out of the Champions League and whatever else they think they can shove down the viewers throats.

  5. Can someone please the link online?? Why did they name it “ESPN FC” it’s also the website’s name for God sake! Makes it really difficult for search engines to get the video link.

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