Uncertain Times At Fulham Puts EPL Survival In Their Own Hands

As a Fulham supporter, I’ve experienced several up and down seasons, but the performance on Saturday against Reading at Craven Cottage was disgraceful. Fulham have reached forty points, and should be safe from relegation, but the door is still open, and the club unfortunately did not close it in their 4-2 loss to Reading. As the season has two more matches left for the Cottagers, how will Fulham end this campaign? The best word to describe the state of Fulham right now is uncertainty.

I can stomach a bad loss from Fulham, as long as the effort to win is there. Unfortunately, watching the last match, I can’t help feeling this was a match played with no determination and passion by several of the Fulham players. Their approach seemed to be that they would coast through this match.

Well, huge credit needs to be given to Reading manager Nigel Adkins and his players, who showed the determination to earn their victory at Craven Cottage. It would have been easy for Reading not to show up on Saturday since they have already been relegated. They certainly deserve credit for their play and approach.

With Fulham, I’ve seen them suffer horrible defeats recently but not one to a club that you should beat at home, in front of your supporters who pay very good money to see you play. I think the club and the supporters deserve a better effort from the players than what was on display last Saturday.

The word uncertainty now shows itself for Fulham because Wigan are still alive, and have not been relegated yet. I can tell you that I have seen many Fulham supporters on social media extremely fearful of relegation. I certainly understand the fear, but I just don’t see that happening for Fulham.

I feel it is unlikely that Fulham will be relegated for two reasons. First, I do not see Wigan getting two victories in their last three matches. Second, after the embarrassment at Craven Cottage on Saturday, I actually think Fulham will get a result from either the Liverpool or Swansea matches.

After a club has played so poorly, we often see a positive response in their next match. Players don’t like to be embarrassed, and the Reading loss might be the medicine they need to kick them into gear in these final two matches of the season.

Many Fulham supporters are counting out these last two matches, but I think they will be pleasantly surprised by the effort, and hopefully the results. To put the uncertainty away this season, it’s in the hands of the Fulham players to get rid of the fear of relegation by winning their matches.

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