Premier League New Years Day, Gameweek 21 Match Highlights [VIDEO]

In case you missed any of the match highlights from the Premier League New Years Day gameweek 21 matches, here are all of the video highlights:

West Bromwich Albion vs Fulham

Wigan Athletic vs Manchester United

Manchester City vs Stoke City

Tottenham Hotspur vs Reading

Swansea City vs Aston Villa

West Ham United vs Norwich City

Southampton vs Arsenal


One thought on “Premier League New Years Day, Gameweek 21 Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. Just listened to 'arry press conf, answers a question about buying in jan by saying, " I wished I didn't have to, I wished I was at a club who had a better squad, who were in the middle of the table".

    LMAO. Seriously what kind of statement is that as manager?

    I wish I was at a club with a better squad, I wish I was at a club mid table... WoW no one in the media has said a damn thing about it. Can you imagine if AVB or brendon or wenger said I wished I had a better squad? Or I wished I was at a team higher in the table?

    Maybe it's just me that thinks it is out of line to say that as a manager at a press conf. In a private conv sure, but answering as a manager of a club in a relegation battle. Shocking


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