FIFA 11 Predicts Manchester City To Win 2011 FA Cup


EA Sports’s FIFA 11 video game has predicted that Manchester City will defeat Stoke City and will win the 2010-11 FA Cup Final, which will be Man City’s first silverware since 1976.

FIFA uses its simulation engine to determine who will win. Watch the above video to see the highlights of the game, who scored and what the final result was. The commentary is provided by Martin Tyler and Andy Gray.

What do you think? Will FIFA 11’s prediction hold true, or can you see Stoke City causing an upset? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Predicts Manchester City To Win 2011 FA Cup”

  1. As if Stoke are gonna concede 2 headed goals against a team that, to the best of my knowledge, has scored one or two all season.

  2. boooooo. Agreed Rob. a game simulation best played out in august not in reality of now after a long and grueling season. both teams are winners for being here. congrats and best of luck to both.

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