Feuerstein’s Fire #46 2011 MLS Preview #1

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2011 Major League Soccer Preview Show #1
Monday, February 28th 8:00PM EST – 5:00PM PST

Steven Lenhart of Timbers Mao’s Football Show
VANCOUVER: Andrew Bucholtz of Yahoo Canada
SEATTLE: David Faulk of Goal Seattle
COLORADO: Patrick Quinn Rapids Supporter
FC DALLAS: Wayne Member of The Inferno supporters Group & Daniel Robertson of Big D Soccer on SB Nation
REAL SALT LAKE: Ryan Boam RSL Supporter
CHIVAS-USA: John Sandate member of the Chivas-Ultras supporters Group

Tuesday, March 1st (Or 2nd depending which time zone you live) Midnight EST – 9:00PM PST
(Could be longer if match goes into extra time & or Penalties)
CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals 2nd leg review
EPL Talk & MLS Talk podcast host Richard Farley will help review the second leg between the Crew & RSL

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3 Responses to Feuerstein’s Fire #46 2011 MLS Preview #1

  1. Wow, packed show on Monday! Can’t wait to tune in.

  2. Wow, packed show on Monday! Looking forward to tuning in.

  3. Sorry for double post, internet messed up and didn’t think it had accepted my first comment. Feel free to delete these last two comments.

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