Andy Gray Makes More Sexist Remarks About Sian Massey: New Video (UPDATED)

Video of Andy Gray has been released featuring the Sky Sports presenter making more sexist comments about Sian Massey, the female assistant referee from Saturday’s Wolves against Liverpool match.

The video segment was a pre-match interview conducted at Molineux. In the video (fast forward to minute 1:00), you can hear Gray being told that a female assistant referee would be in the match.

Crew: “Female assistant, Andy, any good to you?”

Gray: “No, I can see her from here.”

Gray: “(Expletives)… what do women know about the offside rule.”

Yet again Andy Gray proves how much of a male chauvinist he is. But, also, coincidentally Gray questions what Massey (and women) know about the offside rule even before the match kicked off. During the game, Massey made the correct decision for Liverpool’s first goal when most supporters in Molineux thought it was offside obviously proving that Massey does know a lot about the offside rule.

The other interesting aspect of this story (and video) is that it was released by Sky News, the news (and sister) channel of Sky Sports. I find it surprising that Sky News would release the raw footage but maybe they thought their TV ratings are of more importance than Gray’s reputation?

H/T to 101 Great Goals for the video.

UPDATE: The Guardian is reporting that Sky Sports reporter Andy Burton, who is seen in the above video alongside Andy Gray, has been suspended. Burton had been due to appear in his role as a touchline reporter on Sky’s coverage of tomorrow night’s Carling Cup semi-final second leg between Birmingham City and West Ham but will now be replaced, it is understood.

UPDATE: A newly released video of Richard Keys shows the Sky Sports presenter making more sexist remarks. The video can be seen here.

13 thoughts on “Andy Gray Makes More Sexist Remarks About Sian Massey: New Video (UPDATED)”

  1. Bloody hell – they may hang him with this. Sky I see are broadcasting this on their news channel so they aren’t closing ranks.

  2. Is Andy Gray an evil person? Of course not.
    But he’s obviously not that bright. Surprise, surprise he’s a football pundit.

    Andy Gray now fully understands as a public figure that nothing is private.

  3. For th Americans out there there, it is an 80s era stand-up comedian joke that women can never understand the offside rule. The kind of easy to use set-up that would be in sit-coms and the like, not defending these two monkeys, but it isn’t a random comment, they are trying to be funny.

  4. Sky has set them up to get rid of them , Gray was already suing News International. These leaks were were co-ordinated by a corporate hit squad, to enable a quick, cheap and clean break with the stale pair.

    1. Yep, official. Apparently he did something else back in December that’s been made aware to Sky and on top of the 2 videos we are aware of its been enough to get him fired. Richard Keys must be sweating and not just because of his hairy hands.

  5. Rightfully so, I thought the other reporter didn’t do himself any favours as he practically goaded Gray on, like a 6 year old trying to impress his dad.

  6. Also Andy Gray was fired for a combination of things. He got a warning yesterday for his comments regarding Massey, but then the sack today when it came out that he’d made some inappropriate comments to Charlotte Jackson (a fellow Sky Sports presenter) back in December. That video is on YouTube as well.

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