BBC 5 Live Launches Big Mexican Wave Campaign for 2010 World Cup

Today marks the launch of a brand-new campaign by BBC Five Live to encourage soccer fans to create the mother of all Mexican Waves from around the world.

To launch the campaign, BBC Five Live collected snapshots of key individuals doing the Mexican Wave and pieced them all together into the above video. The people featured include yours truly, Miley Cyrus, rapper Dizzee Rascal, LL Cool J, Richard Hammond (from Top Gear) and many others.

At the Big Mexican Wave website, users upload photos of themselves in one of four Mexican Wave poses, which the site then automatically turns into a 30 second Mexican Wave video of the user, combined with 5 live presenters and celebrities. The finished result can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter and via email.

Every person who uploads their photo will get a completely unique Mexican Wave – each video will feature the user alongside a random selection of photos from other users’ uploads and celebrity pictures.

At the end of the World Cup all photos will be turned into the Big Mexican Wave where you can watch yourself in the ultimate celeb packed Mexican Wave video, where you could see yourself supporting your beside the stars.

Anyone want to guess which bloke is me in the above video? Make your guesses in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “BBC 5 Live Launches Big Mexican Wave Campaign for 2010 World Cup”

  1. Does anyone know when or where the Opening Ceremony will be broadcast in the US? I’ve been trying to scour all the listings, but can’t seem to find it anywhere, and neither do ESPN even mention it during their broadcast of the Celebration. It’s scheduled to begin at 2pm local time, which is 8pm EST. Could they seriously be skipping it? It’s outrageous if so; because I could hardly care less about the South Africa-Mexico match, yes, I’ll watch it, but the opening ceremony is something that’s iconic and evocative of the whole tournament and which I would rather cherish more. Even Mandela himself will be attending. I hope they seriously have not mistaken the Celebration Concert for the Opening Ceremony.

      1. Thanks; it seems like amazingly, the *opening ceremony* of the World Cup will NOT be aired on American television. This is totally outrageous and shocking from ESPN, and a very bad sign of things to come – would they have done the same if it were the Olympics or any other major sporting event, or if the World Cup itself had held been here? Do they just not care? Why they would think that some useless, boring rubbish like Good Morning America or some fool’s talk show is more important is completely beyond me. Nelson Mandela himself will be making an appearance, even though his health is frail, as this is what he was dreaming about! It’s ironic that they mention this during their commercials, and have this sepia image of Mandela’s jail, and then ignore the very same event where he’ll be making an appearance and which will culminate as his everlasting legacy to the world! What utter hypocrisy and misleading marketing. With their woeful CL coverage and now this, ESPN certainly isn’t making any friends with football fans.

        1. OK, so while ESPN is not broadcasting it (the idiots), I just checked my listings and Univision has ¡Despierta América!: ¡Ceremonia de Apertura! listed at 8:00am. Now, I could be totally mistaken and my Spanish is next to non-existent, but I’m quite sure that Ceremonia de Apertura! means “Opening Ceremony”. It could be possible that Univision, which IS airing Spanish language coverage of the World Cup throughout, WILL in fact air it live, but of course it could be something else. It would be great though if someone who’s more proficient at Spanish or someone who actually watches Univison regularly could be let us know if it will in fact be airing!

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