Arsenal Should Recall Armand Traore From His Portsmouth Loan

traore.jpgArsenal have a flawed squad, abundant injuries and a pint-sized transfer budget.  To compete for the top four they must supplement themselves, and apparently must do so cost-effectively.  A simple measure, and one which would cost nothing, would be to recall Armand Traoré from his loan at Portsmouth.

Traoré primarily has been seen in the Arsenal setup, as a left back blocked by Gael Clichy.  The 19-year-old Frenchman left this season for Pompey to gain first team experience.

However, Portsmouth have used Traoré as an attacking left winger, a role in which he’s shown capability.  In Pompey’s 1-1 draw with Spurs, Traoré stymied the Tottenham defense.  They had no answer for his incisive running.  He created David Nugent’s goal and could have scored another himself.

Arsene Wenger spoke of a special class and Traoré displayed more of it in his last much than many Arsenal players of late.

Arsenal’s defense has been prone to the inopportune brain fart, but the true difference this season from last has been in midfield.  The club has struggled to maintain the possession.  Even when they manage to do so, they create no danger or penetration.  There is no effective linkup between defense and the forward line.  The club that professes beautiful football, has most often been reduced to huffing forward and hoping.

This ineffective midfield has been compounded by injuries to Fabregas and to Walcott.  Their departures leave Samir Nasri as the sole creative presence, which is a problem since he’s also the only player who can competently play in left midfield.

Arsenal must either strand Nasri on the wing, constructing some sort of farce with Diaby and Denilson in the middle, or must play Diaby or Eboue on the left, hoping to mask the deficiency.  Neither solution has been acceptable.  It has showed in their performances.

If Traoré can play on the left wing as he does for Portsmouth, he can ameliorate this conundrum, improving the squad.  He could provide a Rosicky facsimile.  He could pose a different look in a substitute role.  At the very least, he could add the much needed depth, they will need for FA Cup and Euorpe campaigns.

Recalling Armand Traoré may not be a panacea, but it is low risk and costs Arsenal nothing.  In danger of losing their Champions League revenue, it’s time for Arsenal to experiment.

13 thoughts on “Arsenal Should Recall Armand Traore From His Portsmouth Loan”

  1. Pompey paid Arsenal a loan fee for Armand you dullard! This means there is a contract between the two teams for Traore to remain at Pompey for the whole season.

  2. lest you forget Armand had been playing on the left wing for the reserves before he went to Pompey. that should tell you why he is playing that position more frequent for them

  3. For every game that he's impressed in during this loan spell he's had 2 or 3 games where he hasn't performed particularly well or even been fairly anonymous. Don't forget, he was playing wide left & very advanced in a 5 man midfield against Sp*rs & had virtually no defensive responsibility. Let's see how he gets on in a 4 man midfield when he has to track back & cover the left back or even play at left back himself. His positional naivety makes Clichy, who's always very exposed in our attacking 442 system, look like Maldini!

  4. Traore has improved game by game for Portsmouth and with regular playing time has shown he is worthy of the EPL.

    I don't know whether he can be recalled or not based on earlier observations but if he can, he would be a welcome addition because he provides pace and width, which only an injured Walcott and Vela can do.

    Problem here is, if Wenger is not giving Vela a run on the wing why would he give Traore a chance?

    I have no answer, maybe some one should ask Arsene.

  5. Traore started out well at Portsmouth when they played five at the back and now is hopefully finding form again. While he is very much capable of providing a decisive moment, he is certainly best served out on loan. Currently, he makes far too many mistakes and gives the ball away too much – these are growing pains, but they are best worked out at Pompey. I think his passing and dribbling percentages need a lot of improvement – he starts a lot of dangerous counter-attacks for the opposition and his defending/desire to work off the ball can look really poor at times (e.g. Newcastle).

  6. Hmm. I thought he was garbage on Sunday.
    Spurs 27 attempts, Portsmouth 4 attempts. Hardly a deserved draw for Championship Pompey really is it?

  7. Stymied is a defensive term. Which most will agree doesn't apply to Traore very well.

    Ameliorite a conundrum?

    At least you were right when you said Traore is not a panacea.

    If Arsene was looking for a young left winger he could simply try Kieran Gibbs. He's the reason why Traore is in Pompey.

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