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Cannavaro Returning To Serie A Is It Possible?

Cannavaro’s contract with “Los Merengues” runs out in June 2009, and reports have suggested the Real Madrid defender could be set for a return to Napoli.  At the age of 35 we will be witnessing yet another great football career coming to a close. The player has won some pretty prestigious silverware in his time on the pitch including, two La Liga Championships, 2006-07 and 2007-08 and who can forget his captaincy of Italy as the FIFA 2006 World Cup Champions.

However, Cannavaro’s individual awards, are what really mark the player in terms of excellence. In 2006 he was recipient of the Ballon D’or Award, Italian Footballer of the Year, Serie A Footballer of the Year,given an Oscar del Calcio and finally FIFA World Player of the Year.  Not a bad year nevermind career, in fact being awarded the World Player of the Year in 2006 made Cannavaro the first and so far only defender to win this award.

I’ve been reading of Fabio Cannavaro returning home to Serie A, and it sounds like the right time for a Serie A Talk poll.

SERIE A TALK POLL – Should Cannavaro return to Napoli?

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0 Responses to Cannavaro Returning To Serie A Is It Possible?

  1. Vadim says:

    I thought he said that he's going to win Champions League with Real Madrid and than come back home? He is 35 now, well. maybe another 2 years, what do you think?

  2. Kevin says:

    It's got to happen now if ever Vadim, I'd think end of season

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