Why is Apple not releasing any viewing numbers for games that stream on MLS Season Pass? It’s an important question, and enquiring minds want to better understand how well MLS Season Pass is doing in its first season. After all, other streaming services often release viewing numbers for games. So, why not Apple?

So, we decided to ask the question to Bard, Google’s version of ChatGPT.

MLS Season Pass viewership numbers are a mystery

Here’s what Bard said, word for word, when we asked it the question, “Why is Apple reluctant to share MLS Season Pass viewer numbers?”

“There are a few possible reasons why Apple is not releasing any viewing numbers for games that stream on MLS Season Pass.

  • Apple is still in the early stages of its MLS deal. The deal only began in 2023, so it’s possible that Apple is still gathering data and doesn’t want to release any numbers until it has a better understanding of how the service is performing.
  • Apple is trying to keep viewership numbers confidential. By not releasing any numbers, Apple can avoid comparisons to other streaming services, such as ESPN+ and Peacock. This could help Apple to maintain some level of exclusivity for MLS Season Pass.
  • Apple is simply not interested in releasing viewership numbers. Some companies prefer to keep their viewership numbers private, as they believe that this information can be used by competitors. Apple may fall into this category.

“It’s also possible that a combination of these factors is at play. Whatever the reason, Apple’s decision not to release viewership numbers has made it difficult to gauge the success of the MLS Season Pass.

“Here are some additional thoughts on why Apple might be hesitant to release viewership numbers:

  • Apple might be concerned about disappointing investors. If the viewership numbers are low, it could hurt Apple’s stock price.
  • Apple might be worried about setting unrealistic expectations. If the viewership numbers are high, it could set the bar too high for future seasons.
  • Apple might simply not see the value in releasing viewership numbers. Apple might believe that the information is not relevant to most consumers and that it would be more beneficial to focus on other aspects of the MLS Season Pass, such as the quality of the content.

“Ultimately, only Apple knows why it is not releasing viewership numbers for MLS Season Pass. However, the reasons outlined above provide some possible explanations.”

So, there you have it. To me, a lot of the answers make complete sense in analyzing the situation. So far, the closest we’ve come to getting any data on MLS Season Pass has been the recent analysis by Sports TV Ratings.

What are your thoughts about Bard’s answer to the question? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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