Super fans of Ted Lasso will now be able to spend a night at The Crown & Anchor, the fictionalized pub, restaurant and hangout spot for AFC Richmond supporters.

The hit show’s creators teamed up with Air BnB to allow fans the chance to have a pint at the pub. Not only can people reserve a spot to have fun at the establishment, but fans can even have an overnight stay at The Crown & Anchor. However, fans of the show have to act quickly.

This is only for a three-day event on October 23, 24 and 25. Guests can reserve for up to four people. However, they can only book a one-night stay. That way, one group cannot book all three nights that the fictional pub becomes reality.

Mae will make appearances at the pub, just like in ‘Ted Lasso’

A stay at the pub would not be complete without Mae the landlady. The actress playing Mae in the show, Anette Badland, will also feature at the pub throughout the three-night event. AirBnB interviewed Badland on the opportunity to host at the pub.

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“The Crown & Anchor is an essential fixture for AFC Richmond – it’s where friends, colleagues and teammates come together to celebrate our triumphs or cope with the agony of relegation,” said Badland.

“That’s why I’m pleased to host guests (and take the night off!). Time to give others the opportunity to experience the same camaraderie and sense of community that Coach Lasso inspires. After all, we’re Richmond ‘til we die!”

Booking will include various activities

Booking a night at The Crown & Anchor will cost guests about $120 per night. Activities inside the pub among guests include a competitive round of darts, taking a seat in Ted’s favorite spot, singing karaoke and tasting biscuits with garbage water (tea).

Booking will become available on Tuesday, March 21 at 1 p.m. ET. While staying at the pub is cheap, potential guests are responsible for their own travel plans to and from London.

Season three of Ted Lasso debuts on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, March 15. Actor Jason Sudeikis recently claimed that the upcoming season could be the final installment of the show.

PHOTO: Apple