Data about MLS Season Pass from Apple is almost impossible to find. The company does not release many metrics regarding viewers or subscribers on the platform, even though it is in its maiden season. As a result, the success of the $2.5 billion deal between Apple and MLS is somewhat hard to gauge.

Part of that secrecy is because Apple made many MLS team officias sign NDAs, or non-disclosure agreements, to protect some of this information. Sports Business Journal writer Alex Silverman revealed that several high-profile at Major League Soccer signed NDAs with Apple. Part of those NDAs centered around subscriber counts, keeping it away from public knowledge.

Still, there have been several instances where information has come out. For example, sources recently said the subscriber count is approaching 1 million. While this does include many season ticket holders and those who got MLS Season Pass for free via T-Mobile or an LG Smart TV, it is a major milestone for the league and broadcaster. However, there is not a specific number to revert back to. Instead, MLS leaves fans wondering how successful the platform and product is.

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The threat of the NDAs is simple. If one of these MLS team officials does share information on subscriber counts, that executive could face possible legal and financial action. It is a safeguard for Apple that demonstrates how serious it is about these figures.

MLS and Apple NDAs leave growth unclear

It is frustrating for those that want to see how well MLS Season Pass is doing though. Particularly with the arrival of Lionel Messi and the launch of the Leagues Cup, MLS Season Pass has been a major talking point. Moreover, international followers would be more inclined to watch with a superstar of Messi’s caliber doing phenomenal things. His debut goal to defeat Cruz Azul this past weekend exceeded 50 million views on Twitter. MLS Season Pass allowed that clip to have a global audience with few geographical restrictions.

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