Every Lionel Messi game in MLS is available to watch in one spot. His move from PSG to Inter Miami brings the Argentine World Cup winner closer to Americans than ever before. In seemingly no time, Messi is playing against other MLS clubs in games that are not just friendlies.

Fortunately for worldwide fans, watching MLS is very straightforward. Every single Lionel Messi game in MLS is available to watch via MLS Season Pass. This is Apple’s streaming subscription that has live and on-demand streams of every single game throughout the season. This includes English- and Spanish-language broadcasts of every game, regardless of who is involved.

MLS Season Pass has different options when it comes to pricing. The base monthly fee is $14.99. However, there is a base annual option of $99, which has been reduced to $49 for the rest of the 2023 season. Note that Apple TV+ and MLS Season Pass are two separate entities. You do not need an Apple TV+ subscription to watch Major League Soccer. However, if you are a subscriber to Apple TV+, you get discounts on MLS Season Pass. That is $12.99 per month, or a $79 per season option.

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Even better, this deal is not exclusive to just the United States. MLS Season Pass via Apple is a worldwide streaming deal, the first of its kind. Therefore, fans in Argentina (or practically any country) can easily watch Lionel Messi play every game in MLS via Apple. There are certain exceptions to this ‘worldwide’ appeal. For example, viewers in Uruguay, Croatia, Nigeria, Turkey or China cannot currently watch MLS Season Pass.

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Signing up for MLS Season Pass to watch every single game in the league is easy, too. All you have to do is go to the Apple TV website. Make sure to use your Apple ID if you have one (or you can create one pretty easily). You can watch across most devices, but it is not available on Android yet. That being said, you can still watch via browsers on Android devices.

Messi’s contract with PSG expires on June 30, then he can commence his time with Inter Miami.

There’s no doubt that Messi is must-see TV in the United States.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Sebastien Frej

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