Fubo, which has the Premier League rights in Canada, is offering a deal from June 15 to June 30, 2023 that lowers the price. This is only available on the quarterly and annual plans to Canadian residents, meaning monthly options remain at their base fee. However, with the Premier League announcing its 2023/24 schedule on Thursday, it is already time to start saving and looking forward to the upcoming season.

For Canadian fans, that means buying back into the exclusive home of the English top flight. As is the case with most providers, Fubo has longer-term offerings that are generally cheaper. For example, Fubo Canada’s quarterly rates are 20% less than the monthly rate. The annual rate is 33% off that monthly rate. For reference, the monthly rate on Fubo Canada’s Soccer-oriented plan is $24.99 (Canadian Dollars) per month. So, the annual rate on the soccer content comes out to about $16.67 per month, and the quarterly option is $20 per month.

However, from June 15 to June 30, those savings dip down even lower. The quarterly plan drops from $64.99 to $49.94. This equates to paying about $16.65 per month for three months. Then, the annual option, which was $219.99, is temporarily $179.94. That would mean a monthly payment of just $14.99 per month. But, of course, you would pay that all at once.

Canadian fans of the Premier League can sign up at any time, but the deal is only available through the end of June. Fubo’s coverage in Canada includes every single Premier League team via streaming.

Fubo options giving more to Premier League fans in Canada

The savings are clear. The base monthly option of $24.99 per month is not changing. The savings only apply to the quarterly and annual options. Yet, the annual option’s one-time payment for the year would mean paying $10 less per month.

Moreover, Fubo Canada allows for more options with the longer subscriptions. One of those is 4K Premier League broadcasts. Quarterly and annual subscribers get access to 4K soccer games, something the monthly subscribers do not get unless they are legacy subscribers. For reference, Fubo does have the intention of releasing a 4K add-on to monthly options. But, that on its own will be $7.99. Plus, Fubo is promising three Premier League games in 4K each week. It is a massive upgrade compared to the provider’s first season broadcasting the Premier League in 2022/23.

Entertainment option also available

The price drops are specific to the soccer plan, which was previously known as the ‘Essentials’ package. Fubo remains a sports-specific streaming service across the world.

Yet, it is expanding in Canada to more entertainment options. As such, it is releasing a third tier known as the ‘Entertainment’ plan, which you can get with a free 7-day trial. This has access to 55 channels and a number of popular TV shows. Crucially, this does not include Premier League matches. You must subscribe to either the soccer plan or the Premium plan for access to Premier League games.

As stated, the deal this month only applies to the soccer plan, and it expires at the end of June.