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/ 26 days ago

Top 10 recommended smart TVs for soccer fans

In the world of streaming, the top 10 smart TVs play a big role for soccer fans. Smart TVs allow easy access to streaming platforms such as ESPN+, Paramount+, Peacock, Apple TV, fuboTV and more. All of those have exclusive coverage of soccer leagues from across the globe. Using smart TVs, all one has to […]


/ 82 days ago

Are Telemundo World Cup games in 4K?

Watching the World Cup in 4K is a special treat. So one of the questions we often get is whether Telemundo World Cup games are in 4K or not. We spoke with executives at Telemundo Deportes to find out. Telemundo World Cup games 4K or not Unfortunately for soccer purists, it may not be the […]

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/ 141 days ago

How to watch the World Cup in 4K

Fans of higher resolution TV will have the opportunity to watch the World Cup in 4K. This only applies to viewers that have the hardware and TV compatible with 4K broadcasts. However, if that applies, fans can watch the entire tournament in the upgraded quality. 4K delivers a display resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels […]


/ 165 days ago

fuboTV to air 15 Premier League games in 4K over next month

FuboTV is one of the rare locations fans can watch Premier League games in 4K. Come to think of it, fuboTV and YouTube TV are the only two streaming services that provide access to higher resolution. Premier League fans are in luck this season with more games than ever in 4K. For $10 above the […]