The global recession is a real thing, so many of us may be seeking out the cheapest ways to watch the World Cup. Fortunately, in the United States, there are a number of affordable options to watch all 64 games. Plus, this is available in both English and Spanish, depending on the viewer’s preference.

To start, the channels carrying the games in the United States are FOX Sports and Telemundo Deportes. FOX has the English-language coverage and Telemundo with the Spanish. These both offer over-the-air channels (OTA). Therefore, all users need to access them is simply an antenna attached to the TV. Antennas themselves are quite cheap. Traditionally, Antennas are less than $20, but they go up in price as the quality improves.

That is essential watching the games in English on a budget for English-language audiences. FOX is also putting games on FS1, which makes some contests require other cable, streaming or satellite providers. However, Telemundo is carrying almost all the games, while a small number are on Universo.

The cheapest ways to watch the World Cup

Perhaps the most affordable way to watch the World Cup on a budget is to use Peacock Premium. NBC’s paid-streaming service is carrying all 64 live broadcasts of the World Cup. This is regardless of whether or not they are on Telemundo or Universo. Moreover, Peacock has on demand games that you may miss with the early kickoffs.

However, if you are devoted to watching in English, you can still take advantage of the $4.99 price tag on Peacock. Sync up the Spanish-language broadcast of Telemundo or Universo with English-language radio. BBC Radio 5 Live, TalkSPORT and Sirius XM FC have radio broadcasts of all the games in English. And if BBC Radio 5 is geoblocked, you can try a 30-day trial to a VPN to unblock it.

In addition to using OTA channels, which only require an antenna, Sling Latino covers the games airing on Universo. Sling Latino is just $10 per month. Therefore, you would have access to the simultaneous games that Telemundo cannot air.

Again, Peacock remains the cheapest option, as it is just $4.99 per month, and it provides access to all 64 games of the World Cup.


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