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Cord Cutting

/ 313 days ago

Comcast loses over 12% of cable subscribers in the last year

Cable TV providers like Comcast continue to lose their battle against streaming as more and more subscribers decide to cut the cord. With the popularity of streaming services rising, more people see streaming as a cheaper option to fill their niche needs. Technology insider website Techdirt reports that over the last 12 months, Comcast has […]

Live Streaming

/ 360 days ago

Cable subscribers paying fees that Comcast cannot explain

Cable subscribers to services like Comcast often pay exorbitant fees. It is one of the driving forces of the cord-cutting era. Not only are the cable contracts long and binding, but the fees pile up. Subscribers may not even know where some of those fees come from. Worse off, the providers might not even know […]

Apple TV

/ 370 days ago

Average cable bill climbs to $1,618/year, up 52% over 3 years

The average cable bill in the US is more than $1,600 annually, which includes channels that they never watch, according to a report by MNTN research. While audiences have access to over 190 channels, most only watch 15 of them. Cable TV bills have grown by 52% in the past three years and that has […]


/ 380 days ago

ESPN standalone app could be $22 per month, suggests analyst

As ESPN seeks additional forms of revenue, the rumored standalone app that will stream the ESPN TV channel has a potential price. Disney CEO Bob Iger called the shift to streaming "inevitable," and the development of ESPN on streaming is a part of due course. Initially, this service, which is different than ESPN+, did not […]

Live Streaming

/ 390 days ago

US cable subscriptions hit lowest number in over 30 years

Cable subscriptions to American providers are suffering. With the advent and growing popularity of streaming services, subscriptions to cable services is at its lowest since 1992. That culminated with a massive dip in subscriptions in the first quarter of 2023. Variety notes that the losses in cable subscriptions hit 2.3 million in just the first […]


/ 394 days ago

Disney to offer ESPN TV channel on streaming in future per WSJ

Disney's flagship ESPN TV channel is going to be an offering for streaming services in the near future, per a report in the Wall Street Journal. While there is currently no timetable for when the main ESPN channel is available as a stand-alone streaming channel, it does indicate the progression of cord-cutting in the United […]

Live Streaming

/ 434 days ago

Cable customers pay average of $104/month excluding internet

Cable customers pay a ton of money for television subscriptions. A recent study by Scripps Networks shows that the monthly price for a cable package here in the United States averages $103.90. This does not include a separate internet package. Although cable services do not need internet, many American households that have cable also have […]


/ 442 days ago

FS1 and FS2 lose more than 1 million subscribers combined

FOX's main sports channels, FS1 and FS2, are losing subscribers at an alarming rate. According to SportsPro Media, FS1 has been dropped by 668,000 households in the United States since December. This is a 0.9% decrease in their overall reach. Along with a significant decline of their main sports channel, FS2 is also experienced similar […]

Live Streaming

/ 487 days ago

52% of US households do not have cable or satellite TV

Television technology company Samba TV revealed its latest data regarding viewership in the United States. The "State of the Viewership" analyzed nearly 50 billion hours of linear and streaming throughout the second half of 2022. Findings of the report claim that linear television viewers were at a seven-quarter low. Linear TV is essentially traditional shows […]

tv coverage

/ 576 days ago

Cheapest ways to watch the World Cup

The global recession is a real thing, so many of us may be seeking out the cheapest ways to watch the World Cup. Fortunately, in the United States, there are a number of affordable options to watch all 64 games. Plus, this is available in both English and Spanish, depending on the viewer's preference. To […]

World Cup 2022

/ 662 days ago

How to watch the World Cup via streaming

The 2022 World Cup will be among the first to be fully available to watch via streaming. With the rise of streaming in the soccer world, it is no surprise that it is a commonality for fans nowadays. In fact, the majority of soccer fans rely on platforms such as Peacock, ESPN+ or Paramount+ to […]