One of the ways that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) stands apart from other broadcasters worldwide is their commitment to quality. For instance, BBC’s World Cup closing montage is four minutes and forty-four seconds of beauty. It encapsulates many of the most memorable moments from Qatar 2022. But it’s more than a highlight reel. It’s a perfectly produced masterpiece that combines sight and sound to deliver an important message.

Sure, there’s plenty of soccer featured in the video. But the soundtrack speaks to a message that love conquers all. Even in a country such as Qatar where human freedoms are restricted, the song gives us hope that the power of love can cause change.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps. But the message is loud and clear. This was a fantastic World Cup tournament where the power of love rose above all of the issues encountered in Qatar.

Watch BBC’s World Cup closing montage

BBC’s closing montage is a traditional segment that the broadcaster always features at the end of its World Cup Final broadcasts. Viewers anticipate it. And we hope you’ll agree that this is a wonderful piece of film.

Watch BBC’s World Cup tribute below:

The Power of Love is a number one song from 1984 performed by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the British band that was most famous for their global hits Relax and Two Tribes.

Closer to home, ESPN did a closing montage for its coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2014 tournament that was held in Brazil.

Sky Full of Stars was the song of that tournament as ESPN relived the excitement building up to the tournament as well as the best moments at Brazil 2014 including some of the hits taken by the world’s soccer stars.

As far as we know, FOX Sports didn’t have a closing montage for the World Cup.

Photo credit: IMAGO / YAY Images