/ 18 days ago

BBC Qatar World Cup opening in stark contrast to FOX

If you missed the BBC opening to the Qatar World Cup that aired in the United Kingdom, it's important to watch it. Whether you're a soccer fan or not, it shows what happens when you don't have a nation state sponsoring a TV network's coverage. As you may know, the backdrop of the 2022 World […]


/ 34 days ago

BBC reveals World Cup commentating crew

BBC has officially announced its crew of on-air talent ahead of the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The British broadcasting network will air 33 of the tournament matches on the channel and iPlayer. The list of commentators will consist of Guy Mowbray, Steve Wilson, Jonathan Pearce, Steve Bower, Robyn Cowen, Alistair Bruce Ball, Simon […]


/ 55 days ago

Qatar censor World Cup broadcasters from filming living conditions

Television teams will be banned from filming in certain zones throughout the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. British newspaper The Observer is claiming that the Qatar government has restricted housing neighborhoods of migrant workers in the Middle Eastern country. Instead, these crews, which include BBC and ITV in England, are only allowed to film in three locations around […]


/ 174 days ago

BBC ITV World Cup schedule for Qatar 2022

BBC and ITV broadcast each game of the 2022 World Cup for audiences in the UK. The English-language broadcasts are also available in the United States, only using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). To make it easier to find games, we've created this BBC ITV World Cup schedule. Entering the World Cup, the schedules for […]


/ 417 days ago

The faces and voices of growing diversity in soccer coverage

Diversity is fluid. It is one of those things that is hard to define. But, simultaneously, you know when it exists. Soccer, like so many other sports, developed a stereotype for including only white men. That's no slight of the sport. It is merely a reflection of society and its progressive nature only over the […]