Tottenham Hotspur (better known as Spurs) have a long list of Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Groups in the United States. The clubs has made a huge effort to grow its supporters base across America.

Having a stadium that serves a dual purpose of playing NFL games, it’s no wonder that Spurs are so popular in the United States. Most summers, the club travels to the United States to play friendlies. For instance, when they do, they often find a way to have their star players meet up with stars from NFL and NBA.

While Spurs are owned by ENIC, a British investment company registered in the Bahamas, there are a lot of ties with the United States. For example, Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy spends a lot of time in Florida at his vacation home.

Over the years, Spurs have had a lot of Americans who have played for the club. They include Clint Dempsey, Brad Friedel, DeAndre Yedlin and Kasey Keller.

Directory of Tottenham Hotspur supporters groups


About Mobile Alabama Spurs
Mobile Alabama Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Mobile Alabama Spurs


Arkansas Spurs on Twitter

Little Rock, AR

About Little Rock Spurs
Little Rock Spurs on Twitter


About Arizona Spurs
Arizona Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Arizona Spurs
Arizona Spurs on Instagram

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Spurs on Twitter

Tucson, AZ

About Tucson Spurs
Facebook page for Tucson Spurs
Tucson Spurs on Twitter
Instagram page for Tucson Spurs


Central San Diego, CA

Central San Diego Spurs

Fresno, CA

About Fresno Spurs
Fresno Spurs on Facebook

Los Angeles, CA

About LA Spurs
LA Spurs website
Twitter account for LA Spurs
LA Spurs on Facebook
LA Spurs YouTube page

Sacramento, CA

About Sacramento Spurs
Sacramento Spurs on Facebook

San Diego, CA

About San Diego Spurs
San Diego Spurs on Facebook
Twitter page for San Diego Spurs

San Francisco, CA

About San Francisco Spurs
San Francisco Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for San Francisco Spurs
Bay Area Spurs

Santa Barbara, CA

About Santa Barbara Spurs
Santa Barbara Spurs website

Sonoma County, CA

About Sonoma County Spurs
Sonoma Spurs on Twitter
Sonoma Spurs on Facebook


About Colorado Spurs
Colorado Spurs on Instagram
Facebook page for Colorado Spurs
Colorado Spurs website


New Haven, CT

About New Haven Spurs
New Haven Spurs on Twitter

Stamford, CT

About Stamford Spurs
Stamford Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Stamford Spurs


Jacksonville, FL

About Jacksonville Spurs
Spurs Jax on Twitter
Facebook page for Jax Spurs

Largo, FL

About Largo Spurs
Largo Spurs website
Twitter page for Largo Spurs
Largo Spurs on Instagram
Facebook page for Largo Spurs

Miami, FL

About Miami Spurs
Miami Spurs on Twitter

Orlando, FL

About Orlando Spurs
Orlando Spurs on Facebook
Orlando Spurs on Twitter

Palm Beach County, FL

About Palm Beach County Spurs
Palm Beach County Spurs on Facebook

Pensacola, FL

Website for Pensacola Spurs
Pensacola Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Pensacola Spurs

Port Charlotte, FL

Twitter page for Port Charlotte Spurs

South Florida

About South Florida Spurs
South Florida Spurs website
Facebook page for South Florida Spurs
Twitter page for South Florida Spurs

Space Coast, FL

About Space Coast Spurs
Space Coast Spurs on Facebook
Space Coast Spurs on Twitter
Instagram page for Space Coast Spurs

St. Augustine, FL

About Saint Augustine Spurs

Tallahassee, FL

About Tallahassee Spurs
Tallahassee Spurs on Facebook

South Tampa, FL

About South Tampa Spurs
South Tampa Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page about Tampa Spurs

Tampa Ybor, FL

About Tampa Ybor Spurs
Tampa Ybor Spurs on Facebook


Georgia Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Georgia Spurs

Atlanta, GA

About Atlanta Spurs
Atlanta Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Atlanta Sports
Atlanta Spurs website


Honolulu, HI

About Honolulu Spurs
Honolulu Spurs on Facebook


Boise, ID

About Boise Spurs


Chicago, IL

About Chicago Spurs
Chicago Spurs on Facebook
Twitter page for Chicago Spurs
Chicago Spurs website

Crystal Lake, IL

About Crystal Lake Spurs


Bloomington, IN

Twitter page for Bloomington Spurs

Indianapolis, IN

About Indianapolis Spurs
Indy Spurs website
Indy Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Indy Spurs
Indy Spurs on Instagram


About Iowa Spurs


Lexington, KY

About Lexington Spurs
Lexington Spurs on Facebook
Twitter page for Lexington Spurs

Louisville, KY

About Louisville Spurs
Louisville Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Louisville Spurs
Louisville Spurs website


New Orleans, LA

About New Orleans Spurs
New Orleans Spurs on Facebook


About Maine Spurs
Maine Spurs on Instagram


Boston, MA

About Boston Spurs
Boston Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Boston Spurs


Baltimore, MD

About Baltimore Spurs
Baltimore Spurs on Twitter


Ann Arbor, MI

About Ann Arbor Spurs
Ann Arbor Spurs on Twitter
Ann Arbor Spurs on Facebook

Dearborn, MI

About Dearborn Spurs

Detroit, MI

About Detroit Spurs
Detroit Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Detroit Spurs

Grand Rapids, MI

About Grand Rapids Spurs
Grand Rapids Spurs on Facebook

Lansing, MI

About Lansing Spurs
Lansing Spurs on Twitter
Lansing Spurs on Facebook


Duluth, MN

Duluth Spurs on Twitter

Minneapois, MN

About Minneapolis Spurs
Minneapolis Spurs website
Twitter page for Minneapolis Spurs
Facebook page for Minneapolis Spurs


Kansas City, MO

About Kansas City Spurs
Kansas City Spurs on Facebook
Kansas City Spurs on Twitter

St. Louis, MO

About St Louis Spurs
Twitter page for St Louis Spurs
Facebook page for St Louis Spurs


Omaha, NE

About Omaha Spurs
Omaha Spurs on Facebook


Las Vegas, NV

About Las Vegas Spurs
Las Vegas Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for Las Vegas Spurs


About New Mexico Spurs
New Mexico Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for New Mexico Spurs


New Jersey Spurs on Twitter
Facebook page for New Jersey Spurs

Hoboken, NJ

About Hoboken Spurs
Hoboken Spurs on Facebook
Hoboken Spurs on Twitter

Princeton, NJ

About Princeton Spurs
Princeton Spurs on Twitter

Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Groups, cont’d


About New York Spurs
New York Spurs website
Facebook page for New York Spurs

Albany, NY

About Albany Spurs
Albany Spurs on Twitter

Brooklyn, NY

About Brooklyn Spurs
Brooklyn Spurs website
Twitter account for Brooklyn Spurs
Facebook page for Brooklyn Spurs

Buffalo, NY

About Buffalo Spurs
Buffalo Spurs on Twitter
Buffalo Spurs website

East Fishkill, NY

About East Fishkill Spurs
Facebook page for East Fishkill Spurs
Fishkill Spurs website

Long Island, NY

Long Island Spurs on Twitter

Queens, NY

About Queens Spurs
Queens Spurs on Twitter
Queens Spurs on Instagram

Rochester, NY

About Rochester NY Spurs
Rochester Spurs on Twitter
Rochester Spurs on Instagram


About North Carolina Spurs
Twitter page for North Carolina Spurs
Facebook page for North Carolina Spurs
North Carolina Spurs website

Charlotte, NC

About Charlotte Spurs
Charlotte Spurs on Facebook

Raleigh, NC

About Raleigh Spurs
Raleigh Spurs website
Twitter page for Raleigh Spurs
Facebook page for Raleigh Spurs

Wilmington, NC

Wilmington Spurs Twitter page


North Dakota Spurs on Twitter


Akron Canton, OH

About Akron Canton Spurs
Akron Canton Spurs on Facebook
Canton Akron Spurs on Twitter

Cincinnati, OH

About Cincinnati Spurs
Cincinnati Spurs on Twitter
Cincinnati Spurs on Facebook

Cleveland, OH

About Cleveland Spurs
Cleveland Spurs on Twitter
Cleveland Spurs on Facebook

Columbus, OH

About Columbus Spurs
Columbus Spurs on Twitter
Columbus Spurs website

Youngstown, OH

Youngstown Spurs on Twitter


Oklahoma City, OK

About Oklahoma Spurs
Oklahoma Spurs on Facebook

Tulsa, OK

About Tulsa Spurs
Tulsa Spurs on Facebook


Portland, OR

About Portland Spurs
Portland Spurs on Twitter
Portland Spurs on Facebook


Harrisburg, PA

About Harrisburg Spurs
Harrisburg Spurs on Twitter

Lehigh Valley, PA

About Lehigh Valley Spurs
Lehigh Valley Spurs on Facebook

Philadelphia, PA

About Philadelphia Spurs
Philadelphia Spurs on Facebook
Philadelphia Spurs on Facebook page

Pittsburgh, PA

About Pittsburgh Spurs
Pittsburgh Spurs on Twitter
Pittsburgh Spurs on Instagram


About Rhode Island Spurs
Rhode Island Spurs on Twitter


About South Carolina Spurs
South Carolina Spurs on Twitter
South Carolina Spurs on Facebook

Upstate South Carolina

Twitter page for Upstate South Carolina
Upstate South Carolina on Facebook


Chattanooga, TN

About Chattanooga Spurs
Chattanooga Spurs on Twitter
Chattanooga Spurs on Facebook

Johnson City, TN

About Johnson City Spurs
Johnson City Spurs on Twitter

Knoxville, TN

About Knoxville Spurs
Knoxville Spurs on Twitter
Knoxville Spurs on Facebook

Memphis, TN

About Memphis Spurs
Memphis Spurs on Facebook
Twitter page for Memphis Spurs
Memphis Spurs on Instagram

Nashville, TN

About Nashville Spurs
Facebook page for Nashville Spurs
Nashville Spurs website
Nashville Spurs on Facebook


Austin, TX

About Austin Spurs
Austin Spurs on Twitter

College Station, TX

About College Station Spurs
College Station Spurs on Twitter

Dallas, TX

About Dallas Spurs
Dallas Spurs on Twitter
Dallas Spurs website

Fort Worth, TX

About Fort Worth Spurs
Fort Worth Spurs on Twitter

Houston, TX

About Houston Spurs
Houston Spurs website
Twitter page for Houston Spurs
Facebook page for Houston Spurs

San Antonio, TX

About San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio Spurs on Facebook
San Antonio Spurs on Twitter


Salt Lake City, UT

Facebook page for Salt Lake City Spurs


About Vermont Spurs


Arlington, VA

About Arlington Spurs
Arlington Spurs on Twitter
Arlington Spurs on Facebook

Charlottesville, VA

About Charlottesville Spurs
Charlottesville Spurs on Twitter

Richmond, VA

About Richmond Spurs
Richmond Spurs on Twitter
Richmond Spurs on Facebook

Roanoke, VA

About Roanoke Spurs
Roanoke Spurs on Facebook

Virginia Beach, VA

About Virginia Spurs
Virginia Spurs on Twitter
Virginia Spurs on Facebook

Washington, DC

About DC Spurs
Twitter page for DC Spurs
DC Spurs on Facebook


Pullman, Washington

Twitter page for Pullman Spurs

Seattle, Washington

About Seattle Spurs
Seattle Spurs on Twitter
Seattle Spurs website


About West Coast Spurs


Madison, WI

About Madison Spurs
Madison Spurs on Twitter
Madison Spurs on Facebook

Milwaukee, WI

About Milwaukee Spurs
Milwaukee Spurs on Twitter

TV schedule for Tottenham Hotspur supporters groups

That conglomerate of Spurs fans can watch their Tottenham battle in the Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup.

For each of these competitions, World Soccer Talk provides a comprehensive schedule of fixtures. Therefore, you can find each Tottenham Hotspur game on TV. For the Premier League, games air on the NBC family of channels and Peacock Premium. The FA Cup and League Cup, however, run through ESPN. The majority of those games air on ESPN+.

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