Dish is one of the two major satellite TV providers in the United States. The company competes primarily with DirecTV. Although, both feel the ramifications of the continued move to streaming for much of the media world.

While we may think of this provider as solely satellite TV, the company as a whole is much more than that. First, it provides a streaming option, Sling TV, for those not interested in the satellite TV. Also, it is the parent organization for cell phone service Boost Mobile. Then, the provider also owns the now-defunct Blockbuster, although it’s hard to imagine much benefit coming from that camp.

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Still, most people know the company for its satellite TV options. With that, Dish provides hundreds of channels ranging in content to cater to different audiences. Remember, sports, especially soccer, is not at the forefront of what the company sells.

Let’s break down those price points. To start, the cheapest option comes in at $64.99. This is comparable to most other TV providers. However, you may not get all the channels you need to watch your sports. After that, there are different packages to bring in more channels. The $79.99 option provides a number of sports networks, as does the $89.99 selection. Yet, one channel that carries a significant portion of soccer only comes at the most expensive price point. The $99.99 option has beIN SPORTS and all sister channels. We will get into what those channels include later.

Overall, Dish comes in at an overall cheaper price than DirecTV, with the same soccer channels. beIN SPORTS does not have a spot on DirecTV, making it relatively exclusive to this provider.

For fans of other sports, Dish carries just four regional sports networks in the United States.

Soccer Lineup on Dish

beIN SPORTS is the big grab for Dish. Of course, it requires the most expensive viewing package, but a number of leagues still go through beIN SPORTS. For example, Paris Saint Germain and Lyon play their domestic league games on the channel or its sister channels. Also, CONMEBOL competitions such as the Copa Libertadores air on beIN SPORTS.

Moreover, Dish carries almost all linear channels you would need to watch your soccer. NBC, NBCSN, USA, ESPN, FOX, FS1 and others all have a spot on the Dish guide.

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There are a number of applications through Dish that can help you with soccer content. For one, the Hopper is its DVR, and it is something that allows soccer fans to watch games they may miss through recordings. The GameFinder app on Dish allows you to set reminders and notifications or recordings for your favorite teams in different sports. Finally, for those busy soccer afternoons, the multi-view portion of Dish allows you to watch six channels at once. This is incredibly beneficial during Saturday or Sunday mornings when a number of different leagues are in action.

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Streaming services may be on the rapid rise, but this traditional satellite provider still holds its own for the soccer fans in the United States.

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