At the moment, Brazil is experiencing a crisis of unparalleled proportions. Extreme inclement weather has battered the southern areas for almost a week, resulting in devastating floods.

At least 100 people have died and 131 more have gone missing in the last week due to widespread flooding in southern Brazil caused by torrential rains. Approximately 200,000 individuals had to leave their homes, according to recent media reports. Rains damaged over a million homes in the area, according to officials.

The Brazilian Football Association has imposed a 20-day suspension on three top-tier clubs’ matches. Once the floodwaters recede, the Rio Grande do Sul-based teams Gremio, Internacional, and Juventude will resume their football operations. The team will have to rearrange ten of their league and cup fixtures.

In a subsequent statement, CONMEBOL announced the rescheduling of two of Gremo’s matches. One is against Internacional in the Copa Sudamericana and another is the Copa Libertadores’ group stage game.

The airport, several hotels, and roadways of Porto Alegre are all underwater. To make matters worse, the weather forecasters predict that further heavy rain will continue into the weekend.

Neymar distributes food aid

Neymar is one of the players who have spoken out in support at this tough time. The Brazilian superstar was emotionally affected by this enormous natural catastrophe. Also, to help those affected, the forward for the Saudi club Al-Hilal has sent humanitarian supplies via his jets.

To raise funds for that area of the nation, he shared this activity. Knowing the power he has, the 31-year-old hopes everyone will pitch in to aid those in need.

“I don’t like to post everything I do or where I help because those who do it… do it from the heart and not out of obligation. So, this message is to encourage people to help even more,” he wrote to Twitter.

“Our Brazil is going through a delicate moment and helping is NEVER too much, regardless of one’s financial condition. What matters is what one carries in the heart.”

Despite his physical distance, he shows the Brazilian people how much he cares about them. The player brought a sense of national solidarity via his compassionate act, which is especially important in times of crisis.

Although he is in Saudi Arabia recuperating from a severe knee injury, the striker has said that he is “praying from a distance for everything to return to normal”. He also added that his father, Neymar da Silva Santos, “takes care of everything and provides all possible assistance” to the victims.

Diego Costa joins Neymar in aiding people in Brazil

In addition, on his way back from training in Gremio, Diego Costa dived headfirst into relief efforts, helping to rescue 100 people from the tragic floods in Brazil. The ex-Chelsea striker showed incredible bravery and altruism by using his vehicle and a jet ski to help carry flood victims to relief camps.

In addition, four friends of Costa’s rallied and donated more jet skis to help with the rescue. The player was seen negotiating flooded roadways in videos that went viral on social media. The combined efforts resulted in the safe evacuation of around 100 people, according to reports.