Listen to our Simon Inglis interview to hear more about the accomplished football author and writer.

In episode 26, famed author Simon Inglis tells us the story of Charles Buchan and the publishing of the influential magazine entitled Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly, which was popular between the 1950s and 1970s and is the subject of his upcoming book due in October 2006. Inglis also discusses the comparisons between football in that time period compared to today. As one of the world’s most renowned experts on football grounds, Inglis discusses the current state of football stadia and gives his verdict on Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. Inglis then recommends what old-fashioned Premiership stadiums are a must-see in England. As a massive Aston Villa fan, Inglis shares his first memories of Villa Park, his thoughts on Villa’s famous old Trinity Road Stand and what he thinks of Randy Lerner and Martin O’Neill. Author Simon Inglis also discusses what impact Archibald Leitch had on the game of football in Britain and how he dominated the twentieth century. Lastly, Inglis reveals the topic of an upcoming book (“Uppies and Downies”), and how the history books will soon be rewritten about the origins of football.

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