JJ Watt’s Burnley may not be the best descriptor. After all, the former NFL defensive lineman is but a minority owner of Burnley FC. Yet, the club won promotion back to the Premier League at its first time of trying. However, he has already, and will continue to have, a major impact on the club’s popularity. That is particularly true in the United States.

In this episode of the World Soccer Talk podcast, Kyle Fansler talks to AFP sports journalist Simon Evans. Evans, who is a “From the Bee Hole End” podcast host, talks about JJ and Kealia Watt. The two already made waves by lifting the Championship trophy and going on a bar crawl through Burnley. Evans discusses the similarities between Watt’s upbringing in Wisconsin and the town of Burnley.

Evans is a Burnley native. While he currently resides in the United States, he has a great understanding and respect for the people of the town. That town, which is largely working class, is somewhat similar to Wrexham, where two Hollywood owners in Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds turned around that Welsh club as it returns to the Football League. Can Watt bring enough American enthusiasm to Burnley so that it can develop a strong and consistent following across the Atlantic Ocean?

Simon Evans interview on JJ Watt’s Burnley

Listen to this episode below:

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