When Wrexham defeated Notts County in the much-anticipated National League fixture, social media went crazy in response to what was a remarkable game. Monday’s game touched millions of soccer fans worldwide for what was a fifth division game.

While the game kicked off at 10 a.m. ET, the total delivery on social media and reaction to the game’s events was simply incredible. For reference, the Wrexham-Notts County game had a bigger draw on social media than a major clash in the Premier League at the weekend.

The Liverpool draw with Arsenal was a fantastic game in its own right. Still, it did not have the social media reach that Wrexham and Notts County put together. In the 18 hours after kickoff, the Wrexham-Notts County game had slightly more mentions on Twitter. That is compared to the 18 hours after the kickoff at Anfield. Then, at the end of the game, far more people looked at full time announcements on Twitter from Wrexham than they did either Liverpool or Arsenal.

Millions watch highlights on Twitter

Combine the impressive social media presence of the game with its limited coverage worldwide, and you can see the impact the game had on social media. BT Sport, which had UK domestic coverage of the game, was putting highlights of the goals and major moments on its Twitter account as they happened.

Each of the five goals in the game had over 300,000 views. The first goal, a delightful free kick from John Bostock for Notts County, is at almost 800,000 collective views on Twitter. However, that does not compare to the eventual penalty save from Ben Foster in the 97th minute.

That clip is now on well over 10 million views on Twitter. Comparatively, NBC’s post of Roberto Firmino’s late equalizer against Arsenal is only at 171,000 views. To be fair, though, the Premier League has more broadcasters that show clips of the game. Therefore, the NBC view count is a specifically American audience.

Wrexham social media reach epitomizes club’s popularity

The numbers surrounding Wrexham’s win over Notts County demonstrate the global popularity of the club. Wrexham is rapidly becoming one of the most-popular clubs, regardless of standing in the pyramid, in the country. FX’s Welcome to Wrexham on Hulu certainly has a say on that.

The win moves the club closer to automatic promotion this month. The club is on the way up, both on the field and off it.