Indisputably, the FIFA World Cup is the best international competition in soccer. Frankly, it is the best competition regardless of sport on the planet.

However, the beauty of soccer is that it does not just revolve around the World Cup. International teams go head-to-head with their neighbors from their continent every four years, more or less.

Each of the six FIFA confederations has its own continental tournament. For example, South American confederation CONMEBOL has the Copa America. Or, many casual fans can recognize the European Championship, or Euros, in UEFA.

There are also newer tournaments like the Nations League, which basically provides more passion for friendlies in between qualifying or more established tournaments.

These tournaments all follow a similar structure depending on the size of the competition. Every team in that confederation has an equal chance to win the tournament, at least on paper. Of course, fans of these competitions know that some teams are actual competitors to win, and some are just there for a good time.

What is the best international competition outside the World Cup?

We want to know which international competition you look forward to watching the most.

You could base your take on the talent at the competition. Certainly, UEFA houses the highest quantity of talented teams, and many of the world’s best players represent France, Germany, England, Spain and Italy. Similarly, CONMEBOL sides Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are also World Cup winning nations.

Or, you could take the most excitement out of the passion in the competition. In CONCACAF, the Nations League Final and the Gold Cup Final between Mexico and the United States were both full of drama in 2021. These are energetic games often basked in controversy due to the rivalry.

Personally, my favorite international competition is the Copa America. Living in the U.S., one of my favorite parts about international tournaments is the fans. The passion of each nation in South America is unrivaled in my eyes. While I would have loved to see Argentine and Brazilian fans at the Copa America Final in 2021, it is also a treat to watch those two storied nations play with Neymar and Messi at the top of their game.

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