Last weekend Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager gave a revealing and exclusive interview to Sky Sports in England, but not everybody was happy with Mourinho’s willingness to give the interview with Sky.

Last summer, Mourinho signed a 4 year deal to work with Sky’s main rival the broadcaster, BT Sport. There Mourinho would act as an ambassador and promote the channel full tilt.

However, Mourinho gave up 60 minutes of his time to talk soccer and, luckily for Sky, to be very open about Chelsea’s recent matches, which included Nemanja Matic’s sending off against Burnley. As expected, Mourinho was very vocal.

Meanwhile on BT they were showing a pre-match talk program before the Tottenham Hotspur game. While entertaining enough, it could not hold a candle to Sky and Mourinho. Whilst Mourinho chatted soccer, BT had to make do with what some would class as soccer dinosaurs in Ian Wright and Paul Gascoigne reliving the good old days of the game.

So, why did Mourinho opt to give his exclusive interview with Sky and not BT? One obvious answer is that Mourinho wanted to get certain subjects off of his chest, his belief being that officials have ‘something’ against his team being the main one. Now as ambassador for BT Sports and on a lucrative contract, it could be argued that Mourinho did not want to jeopardize that relationship, so chose Sky instead to vent his frustration.

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According to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, BT are now reviewing Mourinho’s contract after being allegedly furious with the Special One’s willingness to give so much exposure on a rival channel. It must be pointed out at the time of writing that BT themselves have not come out and confirmed this.

But even if BT did want to pull Mourinho up on this, how could they? At the end of the day, the Chelsea manager gave an interview albeit an extended one to a channel where he gives regular interviews pre and post match on a weekly basis.

To conclude, Mourinho has done nothing wrong, though one could say that he was being crafty in his decision to go with Sky rather than his employer BT on this occasion.