British police plan to visit 1,000 homes in England this week to help curb illegal streams of the Premier League.

Police officers will go door-to-door in certain areas to warn people of using illegal streams, according to The Mirror. Then, these sports fans could face prosecution for the offense.

Authorities using state-of-the-art strategies

“We are able to deploy cutting-edge digital tactics to identify and detect people who break the law before carrying out enforcement activity in concert with our partners,” claimed detective inspector Matt McNellis.

“Often, illegal streaming is used to fund Serious Organized Crime and West Mercia Cybercrime Unit is committed to interdicting this source of criminal revenue and reducing the harm organized crime groups can do to our communities.”

Illegal Premier League streams targeted by police

Local police are working together with an anti-piracy investigation group called FACT in the operation. British authorities started FACT to help put an end to illegal streaming. Violators must cease immediately. Moreover, illegal streamers can face notices and potential jail sentences.

Now two years ago, two individuals previously faced sentences of 16 months for similar offenses back. Authorities involved claim illegal streaming links to fraud and even organized crime.

“Accessing films, TV series and live sports events from unauthorized sources is illegal, can expose consumers to risks such as data theft and malware, and can help fund organized criminal groups,” says detective chief inspector Gary Robinson.

FACT chief executive Kieron Sharp applauded the move. “We would like to thank the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN), the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), West Mercia Police, and other police forces across the country. Their support helps ensure that the public are aware of the dangers of using illegal streaming services,” Sharp said.

“More importantly, that they understand that there is the risk of criminal prosecution.”

PHOTO: IMAGO / Sportimage