Newly re-elected UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin spoke publicly on a plethora of topics after his election on Wednesday. This included the failed European Super League and other nations being jealous of the Premier League. However, the UEFA boss also hinted at changes to the handball rule.

Ceferin voices concerns over recent rule tweaks

Speaking with Slovenian newspaper Ekipe SN, Ceferin admitted that he doesn’t fully grasp the current handball rules.

“How do you make yourself smaller if you fall to the ground or if you jump in the air,” asked Ceferin. “The hands are where they are, you can’t always press them to the body. I absolutely do not understand the current handball rules and something must be done in this area.”

The boss of Europe’s governing body of the sport also announced the formation of a new committee to tackle the issue.

“At the end of April, we will form a special group, which will be led by Zvonimir Boban, and we want to have all the greatest coaches and former football players in it,” Ceferin continued. “One of the priority topics will be handball. The law says that [it is handball] if the player has made himself bigger, but what should he do?”

UEFA boss called Infantino last week about handball law

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) handles current rules and interpretations. However, Ceferin will create the new group to help grasp a better understanding on the handball laws. Ceferin even admitted to contacting FIFA president Gianni Infantino about possible changes or clarifications on the rule. He also previously spoke to the FIFA boss about the issue in 2020.

“I also spoke with Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, last week about the fact that we all need to do something about this together,” Ceferin added. “Nothing is clear to anyone anymore, which is very bad for football, because football by definition is very understandable and very clear.”

Tweaks to the handball rule in recent years has left many fans confused and outraged. A more universally defined law on the infraction would most likely be welcomed by many in the sport.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Pro Sports Images