Not long ago, World Soccer Talk brought up five potential rule changes to soccer. By no means are these proposed by FIFA or any domestic league. In fact, those leagues look fairly set in stone.

However, every now and then, rumors start to stir up over how the governing bodies could modify the rule book. Small things like cooling breaks are one thing. Yet, instances of reducing the length of games to deciding major fixtures with golden goal appear to be just one step away.

This is not to say all changes are bad. In fact, there is an argument to be made that adding the number of substitutions in the games makes them more exciting. As seen in the English Premier League, teams now have access to five substitutions as opposed to the three from previous years. This allows players to be at full fitness, hypothetically making games more even and balanced. It also lessens the likely for injury, which continues to be a problem in the sport.

Then, there is something like VAR. Everyone loves to hate Video Assistant Referees because they are beyond picky when it comes to calls. Could this be changed in some way? Totally removed? Everyone has a take in that regard.

Rule changes in soccer

We want to know if you would change anything about the current rule set of soccer in the world. There are often small differences for each league. Yet, your favorite league may only allow three substitutions, for example.

What are the biggest changes, or smallest changes, for that matter, that you would make to soccer? Or, perhaps you think the game, as it is right now, is perfect. Hard to argue with how exciting games can be. Refereeing issues and controversy may just be part of it!

Use the comment section below to let us know.

PHOTO: Patrick Goosen/Orange Pictures/BSR Agency/Getty Images