Chelsea veteran John Terry may become an investor in the team that made him a household name in the sport.

The Telegraph reports the former English defender wants to buy as much as 10 percent of the club. Terry would be part of an investment group that Todd Boehly approves.

Supporters have voiced some displeasure with Boehly’s unconventional management style ever since he assumed control of the team. The Blues’ fans were surprised by his haphazard approach to player acquisition during his first transfer window in charge.

However, the recent appointments to key administrative positions indicate that more of a strategy is now being implemented. The American’s unfavorable reception comes on the back of poor results since his takeover. Also, he is not Roman Abramovich. The Russian single-handedly financed the club to unprecedented success over the last two decades.

Why does Todd Boehly seek new investment?

According to the report, fans would be able to weigh in on the offer through the website PrimaryBid. It is an investing platform that facilitates the pooling of small investments to acquire stock in large corporations. Anand Sambasivan, co-founder and CEO of the platform, is a die-hard Chelsea fan and a season ticket holder.

Whether or if Boehly would lower his stock to make room for a new investor is unknown, as is the process through which the 10 percent ownership would become available. The American owner would rather use equity investment to fund initiatives like the construction of a new stadium, the revitalization of Cobham and the expansion of the club system.

John Terry is not new to being an investor in Chelsea

Previous to this, Terry had been a member of a $310 million syndicate that had hoped to purchase fans a 10 percent stake in the club. When Roman Abramovich placed the club up for sale last year, a group of investors formed the consortium.

The True Blues Consortium, which Terry headed, promised supporters a chance to invest in the team for as little as $124. The consortium promised to have one member of the board of directors of Chelsea, and that supporters who bought into the program would also have a voice in the appointment of that member.