In their most recent European Elite 2024 study, Football Benchmark ranked Milan as the fastest-growing club in Europe for the third year running. The Serie A powerhouses have become the undisputed leaders in Europe; all thanks to a meteoric rise in both income and fan support.

Based on their research of the top 32 European clubs, Football Benchmark determined that Milan has grown by 35% from the previous year. The club’s worth has risen by 163% in the last eight seasons, which is the greatest pace among European clubs.

Their operational revenues have increased by 84% in the last five years, reflecting this expansion. Also, the doubling of matchday income in the last year is especially noteworthy since it represents a major improvement.

Strategic investments and sporting success

Several factors contributed to the Rossoneri’s $427 million in income for the 2022-23 season. Matchday revenues increased by $79 million, from $36 million the previous year. Meanwhile, television activities brought in $190 million and the commercial sector contributed $158 million. This increase in revenue is a result of the club’s smart investments and impressive winning streaks.

When compared to other Italian clubs, AC Milan’s commitment to their future is unique. The club has invested more than any other team in improving their squad over the last three years. They have spent a net of $207 million. They have qualified for the Champions League each of the last four seasons and had a stunning run to the semi-finals last year.

This proves that this strategic spending was worthwhile. In addition to finishing second in the most recent Serie A campaign, 19 points behind Inter, the Rossoneri won the Scudetto in the 2021-22 season.

Fastest-growing club puts Milan on path to self-sustainability

In 2016, the Red and Black’s brand worth was $591 million; this season, it’s predicted to be $1.57 billion, a phenomenal growth. They are now 14th in Europe, climbing the standings after Inter and the presently struggling Juventus.

At $6.412 billion, Real Madrid is the most valuable club in the world, followed by Manchester United and Chelsea. Besides Napoli, Roma, Atalanta, and Lazio, other Italian teams in the list.

A sustainable corporate plan that prioritizes revenue growth and investments has allowed AC Milan to expand. The club has been able to compete at the highest levels while being financially stable because of this method. Over the last four years, the Rossoneri have been a constant threat in Serie A. They’ve also been a fixture in the Champions League, proving that this approach is working.

Important players like Christian Pulisic and Rafael Leao, who want to bring more honor to AC Milan, fuel the club’s desire even more. The Rossoneri are gearing up for the next season with the hopes of extending their winning streak and improving their standing in European football.